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The Fifth Column Globalists Have Won: Muscovites Banned From Keeping Bears at Home. RIP Russia

Russia bends the knee. A sad day for everyone. Especially for Russians who share their 2-bedroom apartment with a bear. Which is basically half of Moscow.

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It's finally happened. Russia's many enemies — foreign and domestic — have successfully conspired to destroy one of Russia's most ancient and holy writs: The right to keep and bear bears. At home. In Moscow. Where your home probably consists of a 2-bedroom apartment. And one of those bedrooms is the kitchen.

Yes, the so-called "Chairman of the Commission on Environmental Policy" in Moscow has decreed that domesticated bears are no longer welcome in Russia's capital. Why not just surrender to NATO and give George Soros the keys to the Kremlin?

<figcaption>Once a common sight in Moscow. Now illegal, thanks to George Soros</figcaption>
Once a common sight in Moscow. Now illegal, thanks to George Soros

What about all the people in Moscow who will now have to send their bears to live with relatives in Siberia? We recently took this photograph while strolling down Tverskaya, just a stone's throw away from Red Square:

Near Pushkinskaya Square
Near Pushkinskaya Square

So many millions of happy Russian families, destroyed forever.

Throughout the ages, many prominent intellectuals and YouTube channels have asked: "What makes Russia 'Russia'?"

Domesticated bears in a city of 15+ million people.

Now Russia is basically Finland.

It was a good run, Russia. R.I.P.

Fast-forward to 0:43 for a special surprise:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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