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FBI Agents 'Talking Like 13 Yr-Old Girls' - Russia-Gate Exposes a Low-Testosterone Nation

"In a sane world, all these FBI and DOJ conspirators to subvert the will of the American people and remove their chosen leader from office would be in jail on charges of treason."

One of the lead investigators for both the credible Hillary Clinton email scandal and the manufactured Russia-Trump collusion Fake Story, Peter Strzok, is a 13 year old girl, judging by his texts with his mistress, Lisa Page.

Strzok – Omg. You listening to npr? Apparently Melania’s speech had passages lifted from Michelle Obama’s…Unbelievable

<figcaption>These girly-men are protecting Americans from the bad guys ...</figcaption>
These girly-men are protecting Americans from the bad guys ...

Page – NO WAY!

Page – God, it’s just a two-bit organization. I do so hope his disorganization comes to bite him hard in November.

Strzok – It HAS to, right? Right?!? Panicked

Strzok is a grown man speaking like an SJW Millennial with a Tumblr account. Dwell on that for a minute. The point man in not one, but TWO major investigations in America in the past two years is a LOW T, ZERO MASCULINITY, UPTALKING PHAGSPEAK WANNABE MILLENNIAL SOYBOY. These are our G men, ladies and gentlemen. Pathetic!

There is no Deep State. There’s a Dweeb State.

Everywhere you choose to look, you find evidence of a great nation swirling the drain. America is about to hit the Civ Wall at speed, and only Trumpism can prevent the impact. We need to roll back the toxic feminization of US politics with a healthy swig of tonic masculinity.

Strzok, btw, was also the main mangina conducting the Michael Flynn interview with the sole purpose of catching Flynn out on a lame process crime. And, as if this will surprise anyone now that we know where his loyalties lie, Strzok was responsible for changing the wording in Comey’s dismissal letter for (expletive removed) from a charge of “gross negligence” to the non-crime of “extreme carelessness”, thus sparing (expletive removed) the prison time she richly deserved.

On and on it goes like this. The DOJ and FBI are stacked to the rafters at the highest levels with vaginamen Hillary lackeys and NeverTrump cat lady co-conspirators.

Some are aware of this subversion of justice. Southern Shitlord Trey Gowdy hammers (((Rod Rosenstein))) on the entrenched anti-Trump bias that exists at the Federal Bureau of Exonerating Hillary Clinton:

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