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Fascists Promise Violence against Peace Marchers at Kiev May Day

The Communist Party of Ukraine plans to hold a large-scale rally in Kiev “March for Peace” which the Right Sector promises to break up

This article originally appeared at It was translated by Greg Butterfield at Red Star Over Donbass

“We are entitled by law to carry out this action. If someone has forgotten, it is also a public holiday. May 1 is the International Day of Workers' Solidarity. Our theme is a march for peace, and the protection of the social rights of workers," said Simonenko. 

The announcement of the event has already triggered a wave of hostile responses from radical nationalist groups. Representative of the "Right Sector" Artem Skoropadskyi, an extremist organization banned in Russia, reported that the anti-fascist march will be disrupted. 

"They rally will not rally here on May 1 – this I promise you. If they do not abandon their idea, they are just committing suicide. They will not pass the platform of the railway station,” he said. 

Representatives of the organization "Revenge" also promised to catch "reds" and organize "local attacks." 

This evening the interrogation of Communist Party of Ukraine leader Petro Simonenko ended. Simonenko said he intends to file an application to open criminal proceedings against officials of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), which, in his opinion, is deliberately spreading defamatory information about the Communist Party.

Earlier Verkhovna Rada deputies promised to ban communist ideology in the country before May 9.

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