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Expect the Neocons to Strike Again in Syria, and Soon

The frightening events of 3 weeks ago are just the beginning. These people are not about to give up now.

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While doomsday predictions have proven to be far too pessimistic, the recent strikes in Syria show that a US withdrawal isn’t happening any time soon. The strikes were limited in scope and effectiveness, meaning that the immediate ramifications are only minor. However, lobbing over 100 missiles at a sovereign nation is not something to merely shrug off—the strike represents a marked increase of Western involvement in a volatile regional conflict that has the potential to spiral out of control.

The war-mongering elite have shown that they are completely brazen and have no problem pushing for war again and again regardless of a reasonable casus belli. Every time Trump gives in to them, they grow bolder. A dangerous precedent has been set. Anti-Assad actors (Islamists and Israelis) know that unconfirmed stories of chemical weapons attacks will get Trump to launch missiles on their behalf. At a time when the US should be deescalating and withdrawing from the Middle East, it is reaffirming its status as the protector of Israel and Sunni Islamists.

And they’re not going to stop there. Each time Trump will be asked to do more, as the previous action, they will claim, did nothing to thwart the gas-killing animal Assad. They will also attempt to broaden the pretext for US strikes. Immediately after the strikes, the mainstream media began to question why the US only intervenes after chemical attacks and not conventional attacks. After all, women and children are dying from bombs and bullets too.

While it is true that it is arbitrary to draw a distinction between chemical and non-chemical attacks, the people making this argument are the same ones who argued that there should be a response to Assad’s supposed use of chemical weapons last year. The fact is, the chemical weapons argument was just a pretext for getting their foot in the door; these people want regime change and will use any excuse to get it.

The danger doesn’t stop there. The many powerful actors in the conflict make it unpredictable and mean that a wider war could be sparked.

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