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Excellent Interview with Director of New Film About Neocons (Video)

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On Monday we ran a review from MintPress News of Robbie Martin's important new film series about the Neocon influence in Washington.

It generated a lot of interest and views.

<figcaption>Director Robbie Martin</figcaption>
Director Robbie Martin

Today Dan McAdams at the Ron Paul Institute has an interesting interview on their Youtube channel with the director.

Worth a listen.


From the Ron Paul Institute website:

No matter who occupies the US presidency, it seems the neoconservatives always occupy positions of foreign policy power.

A neocon like Robert Kagan, for example, is perfectly comfortable going from a senior position in the GW Bush administration to another senior post in Barack Obama's State Department. When their failed policies wear out the name of one of their institutes, like Project for a New American Century, they simply change the name without losing a beat, in this case turning into the "Foreign Policy Initiative."

Filmmaker Robbie Martin has done a terrific job looking into the neocon domination of Washington in his three-part documentary film, A Very Heavy Agenda.

Martin joins today's Liberty Report to talk about his films and to talk about the neocons who star in them:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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