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Excellent 2-Hour Podcast on the Fields Monkey Trial for Murder in Charlottesville (Red Ice TV)

Yes, its a show trial in the grand tradition.

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We've already published our own Russia-Insider exclusive, on-the-ground report about the Charlottesville trial (despite it having nothing to do with Russia) due to the lack of honest coverage in the mainstream media.

We are pleased to find that alt-media outlet Red Ice has a great overview of the issue as well. Henrik Palmgren hosts "AltRight Truth" for an analysis of the trial and it's implications.

AltRight Truth is a highly articulate YouTuber who created a channel to examine the events surrounding Charlottesville. He has made 20 videos on the subject, starting in September 2017, a month after the events.

He has done extensive forensic research and is clearly an expert on the subject.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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