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Baby-Killing Sarin Bomber Bashar Assad Negotiates Safe Passage for Thousands of Civilians

Bashar Assad negotiated safe passage for thousands of civilians trapped in towns held by jihadists. Probably so he can gas them later? Yeah, "Sure".

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Someone please text message Nikki Haley on WhatsApp — we need an emergency Security Council meeting right now

The UN must stop him from saving thousands of civilians before it's too late
The UN must stop him from saving thousands of civilians before it's too late

Yes, Assad has done it again: He's "begun a coordinated population swap of tens of thousands of people from four besieged towns".

Last week Assad allegedly dropped giant sarin bombs on beautiful little babies. Today he's negotiating the safe passage of thousands of civilians. This is some serious 11D chess. What will Assad do next? 


We don't know. But we do know that Donald Trump told Fox News that Assad is an "animal" — so we're assuming Syria's president is rescuing these civilians because he wants to eat them; children first because they are the most tender. 

Russia Insider calls on Matthew Rycroft and all other defenders of the civilized world to stop this mass atrocity.

As a fun side note, guess which bulwark of democracy is vouching for the head-chopping jihadists in this deal? Yes: Qatar

It's easy to vouch for the terrorists when you are the terrorists. That's one of Newton's Laws. 

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