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Offensive to Evict Terrorists From Mosul Kicks Off -- Remember Citizen, This Is Nothing Like Aleppo Horror

Any parallels between American-Iraqi push to evict ISIS from Mosul and the Russian-Syrian push to evict al-Qaeda from Aleppo are strictly non-existent

The Iraqi-American-Kurdish-Iranian offensive to capture Mosul has kicked off today it has been officially announced.

Remember citizen of a NATO country, this is the offensive you are to cheer on. It features American special forces, artillery and air force backing local partners to evict the terrible ISIS terrorist-sectarian gang from Iraq's third largest city. This is clear proof that US government has been taking the ISIS problem very seriously, and therefore come November if you're American you should vote Hillary Clinton.

The offensive actually sees US forces backing an Iran-friendly government and fighting alongside Iranian-trained militias with names like Kata'ib Hezbollah -- that you were previously told are super scary but never mind that --  that's only true if and when the moon aligns with the planets in a certain way.

The offensive is also likely to kill and maim many of the civilians it will be liberating (at least their corpses will be free!) but you needn't spoil your day by dwelling on that -- the media will certainly help you with that by talking about more important stuff, like how Julian Assange leaks "often benefit Russia".

Also keep in mind that ISIS has forbidden civilians from fleeing the city and will be using them as human shields -- but not to worry, this the media will be sure to help you remember.

There is also fear that once the battle is over the Shia or Kurdish forces may carry out collective reprisals against the Sunni Arab population suspected of having supported the ISIS insurgency, but hey what can you do? Unless you want American boys to do the dying you have to go battle with the cobelligerents you have, rather than the ones you wish you may have had. 

Most importantly remember the battle for Mosul is nothing at all like the battle for Aleppo. Mosul is in Iraq but Aleppo is not in Iraq. Mosul is held by ISIS but Aleppo is not held by ISIS. Mosul features Americans on the side trying to take the city from the old al-Qaeda in Iraq (Stalinist wing), but Aleppo has Americans propping up the defenses of the old al-Qaeda in Iraq (Trotskyite wing).

In fact Aleppo is not even a battle. Al-Qaeda and sectarian rebels happy to follow al-Qaeda shock troops into battle do not exist. Aleppo is a massacre, a war of government against civilians. In Aleppo a mad authoritarian is barrel-bombing his people because he likes to see people dead. He has also invited in Russians to systematically destroy bakeries and aid convoys -- Russians of course have never been able to say no to a good massacre.

Also remember the Syrian dictator is friends with Iran and supported by militias with names like Hezbollah -- this is very scary.

East Aleppo is not controlled by child beheaders. It is controlled by boys covered in dust and activists pulling bodies from under the ruble (and calling for more ruble). The uber-sectarian bin Ladenites who do not control Aleppo are not preventing people from leaving. Al-Qaeda which does not exist in Aleppo is not using civilians as human shields.

Aleppo is nothing like Mosul. Aleppo is the desperate attempt of the Syrian state to preserve itself against a foreign-instigated sectarian Islamist insurgency. Mosul is the world's priciest election ad for Hillary Clinton.

Iraqis, Americans, Kurds and Iranians fighting to expel ISIS from Mosul is why you should vote to extend Democrat rule in Washington.

Syrians, Russians, Iranians and Iraqis trying to expel al-Qaeda and allies from Aleppo, on the other hand, is why those Democrats should extend their rule to Damascus.

Hillary Clinton for the White House, Abu Mohammad al-Julani for the Presidential Palace of Syria! Clinton-Julani! For the people who understand that sometimes (during election season) you have to fight al-Qaeda derivatives, but at other times you have protect them. -- Eg when you're toppling the last secular Arab nationalist regime in the Middle East.


The good Hezbollah -- fighting on the same side Americans are on

The bad Hezbollah -- fighting on the same side Russians are on

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