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'Everything We Know' About Russian Intervention In Syria

Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

Over the course of the past four weeks, Russia has captured the world’s attention with Moscow’s “unexpected” intervention in Syria’s protracted civil war. 

While it wasn’t difficult to predict some manner of intervention by The Kremlin (the world has long known Putin to be a staunch Assad ally and both Russia and China have voted together on the Security Council to prevent the conflict from being referred to The Hague), what was surprising to some observers was the rapidity and efficiency with which Moscow deployed to Latakia. 

Russia’s swift buildup and subsequent air campaign took the West completely off guard as Washington and its European and regional allies apparently assumed Moscow would adopt a similar strategy to that pursued in eastern Ukraine where Kremlin support has been more tacit than explicit. 

For those interested, we present the following infographic which endeavors to outline “everything we know” about Russia’s deployment in Syria from sorties flown out of Latakia, to overflight denials, to cruise missile strikes.

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