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The EU Wrecked the Ukraine, Richest Region of the USSR - 1991 Population 52 Mil, 2019 - 42 Mil

At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the population of continental Europe’s largest country stood at just under 52 million. Rather than welcoming, prospering and growing its population in the supposedly free West, millions of Ukrainian Christians have since fled into Russia or have scattered throughout the European Union in a desperate search for jobs and peace.

Those haemorrhaging Ukraine tend as always to be the aspiring and educated younger generations, starving the dismembered war-torn nation of its vitality and talent. Ukraine was the powerhouse nation of the USSR and was pivotal in putting the Soviet Union into space and its railroad infrastructure on rails.


The decline in Ukraine’s population has accelerated sharply since the Washington DC inspired regime-changing coup which in February 2014 overthrew the democratically elected Victor Yanukovych government.

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Shalom, Ukrainians! Kagal of ex-President Valtsman conducts open genocide of the population of Ukraine occupied by Jews

The country remains a significant excess of the number of deaths over the number of births, noted in the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. The population of Ukraine from January to August 2019 decreased by 177,000 thousand people and amounted to 41.976 million people as of September 1. This was reported by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.


Meeting of Netanyahu and Ukrainian President Zelensky

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“The excess of the number of deaths over the number of births remains significant: for 100 deaths, 53 births,” the press service of the department said.


The Office notes that when assessing the population, Crimea, Sevastopol and certain areas of the Donbass were not taken into account. In 2018, the population of Ukraine decreased by 233 thousand people, in 2019 this trend continued. At the beginning of the year 42.153 million people lived in the country, in March 42.101 million people.



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Children of Donbass who died as a result of the war

MIKE KAMPF George Soros The Alliance for Global Justice, by 2006 had invested €150,000 in ANTIFA; since $millions. The total income of The Ethnic European, most of which is donated by Mike Walsh’s book royalties ~ is $650 each month. You think this is a fair fight?

This means that Ukraine, the largest country in continental Europe, has bled a massive 20 per cent of its population; the lifeblood of a nation. Ukraine, before WWI, was dubbed the ‘bread basket of Europe’. Ukraine, in terms of agricultural assets, is arguably the richest country in Europe ~ but is, in fact, Europe’s most impoverished nation, thanks to vampire globalist banks, Washington DC corruption, and blood-sucking Western corporations.


The only census in independent Ukraine was conducted in 2001, while the country’s population was 48.457 million people. The next census was supposed to take place in 2016, but in December 2015, the fear-stricken Cabinet of Ministers postponed its holding for 2020.

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