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EU to Create Intelligence Sharing Center to Stop Germany from Spying on Europeans for NSA

Having Germany spy on them and feed that information back to the NSA appears to be a bit too much for even the spineless EU member states

This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

Everyone knows that Germany controls the European Union, and that the United States controls Germany…but it appears that even EU member states have red lines that must not be crossed.

Having Germany spy on them and then feed that information back to the NSA appears to be a bit too much for even the spineless oligarchs that run the European Union…which explains why the EU’s Europol is now working to establish a joint counterterrorism center, which will obtain data of the domestic intelligence services of EU states.

In other words, an EU spy center to spy on EU spy agencies (Germany…cough, cough), so as to make sure EU spy agencies (Germany…cough, cough) do not give away too much good stuff to the NSA.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

"A joint intelligence sharing center will be established under the leadership of Europol designed to fight against terrorism and collect the information received by the intelligence services of the EU countries, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reported.

The move is considered by many as a “an act of revenge” against Germany, whose intelligence spied on neighboring countries, the article said.

The published security agenda of the EU-Commission stated that member states have the primary responsibility for their internal security, but are unable to guarantee it on their own.

The new initiative implies that the EU will obtain and possess information of national intelligence services, including the German BND, which recently came under fire because of espionage activities on behalf of the US. 

The new institution is aimed at preventing similar attempts in the future, with all EU member states being obliged to provide the required intelligence data and fully cooperate in the area."

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