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EU Commissioner Says Russia and Turkey Are To Blame for Refugee Flood

Wouldn't have anything at all to do with European countries, especially Germany, inviting them in and not deporting them

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally Appeared at Contra-Magazine. Translated by Werner Schrimpf

EU’s Enlargement Commissioner Mr. Johannes Hahn impatiently demands that Turkey ultimately reduce the number of refugees. The answer will probably arrive soon. In addition, Mr. Hahn suspects that Russia is exacerbating the influx of refugees at the EU’s northern borders. According to Mr. Hahn, a growing number of central Asian people are seeking asylum in Finland and Norway.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Mr. Hahn, who is also in charge of negotiations with potential new EU members, has asked Turkey to increase its efforts in curtailing the number of refugees travelling to Europe: “Turkey must deliver now!” said Mr. Hahn in an interview with German media “Zeit Online”. Turkey must initiate more efficient border controls and must take tough, powerful measures against traffickers.

Mr. Hahn was disappointed with respect to the divergences among EU member states. “My desire is that we finally reach a common approach,” he said. “EU member states should be aware that we won’t solve the crisis with isolated steps. We need a common European answer to the crisis.”

Without an efficient protection of EU’s external border, it will be impossible to succeed with a common refugee policy. During the same interview, the commissioner blamed Russia for directing further refugees into EU. Many people from Central Asia who had lived for many years in Russia, are now seeking asylum in Finland and Norway. “I am sure there was a special motivation from outside to make them move” Mr. Hahn said.   

When asked the question if he thinks that Russia’s government had a hand in this affair, Mr. Hahn said “it seems strange that these activities are happening right at the same moment that the EU is under pressure to deal with the refugee crisis”.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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