Estonian Potato Tells Tragic Cigarette Story After Congressman Asks For Example of Russian Aggression

Former Estonian president does not impress U.S. Congressman with his bad Russian horror stories

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Former Estonian president Toomas Ilves is world famous for his theatrical television appearances — and his stupid bow ties

Famous Estonian President Toomas Potato
Famous Estonian President Toomas Potato

Toomas once suffered a toddler tantrum after a Sky News anchor called him by his middle name. (How dare you disrespect Estonia's most cherished potato.)

In a more recent episode, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) asked Ilves for one, single example of Russian military aggression against Estonia. 

Toomas delivered with an incredibly moving story about smuggled cigarettes:

Probably the most prominent example is the kidnapping of the equivalent of our FBI who was investigating a massive cigarette cross-border smuggling operation

Rohrabacher was not impressed. 

Watch the entire glorious exchange, which we edited down to its best moments for your viewing pleasure:




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