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“Hey Ukrainian Brothers! You Are Suffering? We Did Warn You…” - Russian Blogger

Ukrainians are profoundly disappointed with the way they now live but continue to blame Russians for the choice they made themselves, writes popular Russian blogger Dmitry Mityuinin

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This article is reprinted from Publikatsyi. Translated by Vladimir Gavryushin.  

“This is an indignant article that will most likely offend the Ukrainians, but I just can’t keep it to myself”, writes Dmitry Mityunin, a popular Russian blogger and industrialist who lives in a small town of Novouralsk near Yekaterinburg.


Two years ago the whole motherland tried to persuade our shortsighted brothers from Ukraine not to support Maidan! Not to sign any integration with the EU! Not to go to the EU at all! We showed them numbers, arguments, expectations…

We urged them to look at the economy of Greece and Bulgaria after their accession to the EU. We reminded them about restitution as a necessary procedure during the euro-integration process. We gave proof, we begged them, we argued with them and we yelled at them. Here, on other websites, on various forums, over the phone, on Skype… How many friends and families have been broken apart because of this damned euro-integration?

And so? Did they even listen to us? I don’t remember any of that. We were berated, laughed at and denigrated. They called us “Asian barbarians” who in actuality envy them! They reminded us of some “stolen history”, they made fun of our president, predicted our downfall. And on and on it went. It was very aggressive, very messy. They were rubbing all our failures and problems in our faces, as if our failures were their doing.

They were happy about our floods, forest fires, car accidents and other calamities. And I don’t even recall a single case when one of these “blood brothers” was being polite, or, at the very least, engaged in a constructive dialogue.

That was more than a year ago. They were galloping on their high horse, viewing us as serfs. Yeah, right! They are an almost-European nation, and we are just a Soviet Union hangover. And nobody, I repeat, NOBODY, agreed with our point of view.

Cue the uprising of the Donbass, Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation, Donbass’ brutal executions… And once again - nobody even spoke their minds about this. Nobody opposed this!

Pop quiz: where did Ukraine get all these “discontented with the regime” people after one year of the revolution? Where?! Here’s another question: where had they been before? What we have There is a collapse of the country thanks to “europeanisation”. It destroyed literally everything. A whole mass of refugees fled to “Stupid Russia” and to “Putin Lovers”. And there’s also that whole bunch of reasonable Ukrainians, who, as it turns out, understood the gravity of the situation even back then!

Now that’s rich! If you’re so smart and reasonable, why did you keep quiet about it? Where have you been? Where did you suddenly get all these “rational” and “reasonable” ideas about recent developments? Why didn’t you say anything when your army was shelling Donbass?

That’s now, a year later, and in Ukraine we have total control over dissidents - but one year ago we didn’t have any of that! What stopped you from being “reasonable” back then? And after a year of your silence (or, rather, silent agreement with everything that was happening around you) this “Kiev junta” got stronger, took the reigns of power in its hands and sent one group of Ukrainians to kill another group of Ukrainians.

And let me tell you why exactly you were keeping quiet all this time, and even argued with us Russkies.

Until the very last moment you all believed that the miracle will happen and you will all start living this posh, pretty and rich European life! Not like us Soviet guys. Here’s this fool’s dream - to instantly change lives by doing nothing! That’s great, but do you actually need to join some organization to change your quality of life?

What stopped you from building an “europeanesque” society with European values in your country before?

Do you really need all those European goods to import? Can’t you start producing them yourselves? Or they have some ancient secret on how to make quality European goods?

You don’t need to join the EU for that, you should just develop and improve your own industry!

Did you really think that you’ll suddenly get European wages and pensions? Europe struggled for decades to reach its current financial state, and you just want to get it all at the drop of the hat? Why should Europe pay you? Do you pay their European taxes? Nope. Have you done anything to improve the state of Europe? Nope. What do you expect, then? That you’re going to be some freeloader? Not likely.

Europe knows its economy. We warned you about the utility tariffs as well - and you laughed in our faces. And now, when everyone has realized that the EU doesn’t want you, your only prospect is unemployment, rising prices, rising utility tariffs… And now suddenly all of you are “reasonable”?!

Now, when we’re making fun of you and your situation, you urge us to be more tolerable, more kind to you. You tell us that you’re suffering and we just add fuel to the fire. Honestly, how dare we!?

And, mind you, we didn’t shell your towns, didn’t burn your houses, didn’t murder your children. You haven’t seen the horrors suffered by Donbass people. We don’t mean that you should relive all these atrocities, god forbid, but it’s good to once in awhile remind you of things that you’ve done. We hold that right dear, to show you the results of your European revolution.

It’s not just Donbass that suffered because you kept quiet a year ago. You betrayed us, your slavic brothers! No one has suffered more from your “Europeanisation” than us Russians! You didn’t badmouth the Polish, Germans, French and not even Americans - you badmouthed only us, Russkies!

And suddenly, there are so many of you, who disagree with your government. Where have you been until now? I know exactly where. You were the people who badmouthed us, berated us and disrespected our old-fashioned values! You called us cultural barbarians! And now we sympathize with you, we invite your refugees to live with us. You complain about your quality of life and we do understand you.

You get frustrated when we hurt your feelings (and yes, sometimes we do it deliberately). Yeah, you’ve got a lot of problems, but do you think that we have none?! Don’t forget -- we have to provide for your refugees now, that requires a lot of money.

We’re not afraid of an angry mob. We’re afraid of an apathetic mob. And with their silent agreement we get atrocities such as these! Now, of course, you understand everything. So what? Donbass is destroyed, people are dead, and you try to complain about your hardships in life? Did we start all this? No. You made the bed, now you lie in it.

You’re like parasites, trying to adapt to new conditions. You’re not going to fight. You’re no Donbass, you don’t have the guts. People who dreamt about European goods are now searching for a job in Russia - that barbaric, Asian and underdeveloped tribe of a country. You’re going to nag and nag and nag some more, but you’re not going to do much else.

And yeah, once again you’re asking us not to lump all Ukrainians together. But that’s now, when all your dreams and hopes have been crushed, that you ask us to treat you differently, but a year ago you were okay with it. I believe that you still hate us. Because we were right. But you will never admit that! You, as it turns out, knew everything back then! Frankly, I didn’t really notice that a year ago.

You say one thing - then you forget it, and then you say another thing - and try to prove that it was the first thing you thought of. But you are quick to forget, while we are not. And you can’t act as if we’re brothers again. Yes, we do talk to you, we do sympathize with you. We have lots of groups and activists who support you - we’re still waging war for you.

But we will never forget the shelled Donbass.

And you will never atone for it.

And you never tried to repent for it, actually. You will always try to point fingers at someone else, it’s been like that since forever. You haven’t changed. And those people who badmouthed us and those who are “reasonable” - you are the exact same people. Those who are born to crawl will spend their life groveling.

P.S. By the way, there aren’t that many “reasonable” Ukrainians. Out of 100 people we can scrape off about 5 or 6 guys. The other 95 are still dragging us through the mud. Us. Not France, not Germany, not even the USA, but Russia - and Russians to boot. You haven’t changed, you’re merely adapting.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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