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Eric Striker, Editor of 'National Justice' Joins David Duke for Full Hour on Duke's Radio Show (Audio + Transcript)

David Duke is one of the most unfairly slandered men in the history of American politics. He is an American hero, and the country would be wise to listen to him, and read his books.

Striker is the founder and editor of the excellent new website, National Justice, which combines right wing positions on immigration with left wing positions on economic policy. Striker is an outspoken critic of Jewish influence in all sectors of American life.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

An excellent discussion. Duke and Striker focus on Hillary's recent attacks on Tulsi Gabbard being a Russian agent, when in fact it is Hillary Clinton who is an agent of the Israeli government, something that Striker proves by pointing out that by far the largest donors to Hillary's campaign were Jewish citizens. The same is true for Donald Trump.

The show is basically about how Jewish power dominates American politics. Duke and Striker give Tulsi advice on how to fine tune her anti-war message.

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Here is a link to the audio on David Duke's site.

A full transcript (machine generated but pretty accurate) follows below.

Trump voters checking out Tulsi


(This is machine transcribed, but it is suprisingly accurate, and gives a good sense of what Duke and Striker talked about)

David Duke: [00:00:21] Ladies and gentlemen, friends and open minded people, wherever you live across United States of America, across Europe and the world. This is David Duke. Today is going to be a very special show. We have back on again with us, the incredible commentator, thinker, researcher, young man who's got a tremendous future. He's got a great publication and he's got really great voice for our people and for all human rights, because this what we represent here, the human rights of all people, including our own, to preserve our heritage and our values and our freedom and our independence. And by the way, that is Eric Striker. Welcome, Eric Striker to the program. I got a couple of introductory remarks.. 

Among other things, Duke, 69 years old, is a fitness buff who advocates the Keto diet. There is a lot of information about that on his site. This is a recent photograph.

David Duke: [00:01:07] As you know, of course, Eric and the listening audience, we have the impeachment going on. We must understand very clearly that this impeachment is completely orchestrated by the Jewish Zionist elite, the the deep swamp, not that we're defending the things that Donald Trump does, but it's really important for those Trump supporters, a lot of those Trump supporters have pretty good instincts, right. That they realize that we do need to control our borders. They realize that we do need to have trade policies.

David Duke: [00:01:37] That's good for our people. They do agree with Trump's original program and policies that we really have to reel in and control these international banks that are robbing people and exploiting people not only in America, but all over the world. I mean, Trump ran ads against Goldman Sachs, specifically against the Jewish oligarchs like Soros and others and the Jewish heads of the Federal Reserve. So they have good instincts. And but but the truth is, the Jewish establishment overwhelmingly hates Trump viciously. Like we always say, Trump sure is no Jesus, but they hate him as much. But we also have to understand that it's like a typical pincer movement. It's like on one hand, they're just ravaging the guy constantly in the mainstream media. New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, by the way, all these networks are completely Jewish dominating control. We'll get into that later. And it's really amazing to see this whole process going on. But at the same time, they have a Jewish son in law, a radical. You know, Chabad Lubavitch cultist whispering in his ear, along with other Jews, saying that, well, if you just do these things we want you to do with war in the Middle East and we're going to let you off the hook, of course they won't.

David Duke: [00:02:57] But anyway, so that's one subject we're going to talk about, and the second subject, and this is what I'm going to breach first with you, Eric, is today, which is very interesting. Tulsi was kind of threatening this, but today she has filed a fifty million dollar defamation suit against Hillary Clinton for calling her a traitor. Essentially a Russian asset. And an asset means that you're a spy or you're loyal to another nation over America. In fact, I've got a couple of clips on this. She was interviewed on Fox and Friends this morning among I'll play a tape of this. But this is really, really interesting because Eric and the audience gives us a chance to dissect the whole process of the control, the American media to control of the American government and control the American establishment because. Well, I'll tell you what, Eric, could I. Go ahead and vote. I've got about a three and a half minute tape, but I'm going to stop this tape at certain points so I can comment. And then I'm going to bring you in the comment after I make a short comment about, you know, it's good. All right. Let's do that. Now, this is this is this is Fox and Friends this morning. This is audiotape of that. And it's very, very interesting. Here we go.

Hillary Clinton: [00:04:52] She's a favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of bots and sites and other ways of supporting her so far, and that's assuming the Jill Stein will give it up. And she's also a Russian asset, I mean totally, yeah, she's a Russian asset.

David Duke: [00:05:17] Tulsi's response was equally interesting. And I'm going to get Eric to comment on this, too. Let's make a quick comment about this. Imagine how the media is dealing. You know that we're called anti-Semites. If we even dared use the word Jew in relation to foreign policy. If we and Jew is synonymous to the term Russian, it's a nationality. The Jewish state of Israel is a Jewish state. Its state is a Jewish state. They got Jewish symbols all over their aircraft and their bombers and everything on their tanks, which they're ethnic cleansing Palestinians and causing great wars. And if we even say anything Jewish, imagine that, for instance, if if anybody got up there and imagine if Tulsi are myself or anybody else and of course, I've said this, but imagine if anybody got up there and said that The New York Times that Hillary Clinton is a Jewish asset. It's actually really asset.

Eric Striker: [00:06:16] Yes, I. Well, there's actually a good case to make for that.

Eric Striker: [00:06:20] If you look at the 2016 donor roles, the number one donor to the Hillary Clinton campaign, which is also supported by the WikiLeaks that show him emailing her, dictating her views, dictating her discourse, it was Haim Saban. And this man is a billionaire media mogul. He's a Jew and also a dual citizen with Israel who's been on the record saying that he he's a one issue guy.

Eric Striker: [00:06:49] He's on the record saying is I'm a one issue guy, Israel. That was Hillary Clinton's top donor. Now, let's contrast that with Tulsi, show me one Russian that's donating to her campaign. Are any Russians or any Russians financing her? If so, where's the evidence of that? Because I have evidence that Israelis finance Hillary Clinton.

Eric Striker: [00:07:10] Ok. So ultimately, this is a classic example of accusing people of something you are guilty of. So Hillary Clinton is a person with dual loyalties. She serves the money, power and thus is an Israeli asset. You could easily make that argument. So.

David Duke: [00:07:26] Yeah, well, exactly. And let's take a look at this. All right. So what you mentioned specifically one donor.

David Duke: [00:07:32] Let me go ahead and mention the the list of her top donors. They're all. I mean, this is this is a list of of Hillary Clinton's top donors. Right. And so this is directly from the Federal Election Commission. This is Clinton's campaign money. Right. It's so Zionist. It looks more like a donor list in Israel rather than America. OK. There are 20 top 18 other 20 mega donors retirement, mostly B, almost all billionaires. The donors are Hillary Clinton, 90 percent are Jewish Zionists. Eighteen out of 20 who support Jewish advocacy, Jewish franticly, the Jewish state of Israel. Now there's ninety eight percent, right? Non Jewish Zionist people in the United States are only to 10 percent of the top 20 donors for Hillary Clinton. Some of the names, Haim and Sheryl Saban, also a a hedge fund operator and a media person. James Simmons, a big hedge fund criminal banker. George Soros, one of the richest Jewish bankers of the world, Mary Pritzker, Donald Susman, Daniel Abraham, Herbert Sandler and David Shaw. I mean, we can just keep going. Marcia, wow. Wow. For Fred, I applaud. You know, it just keeps on going down 18 of the twenty eighteen.

Eric Striker: [00:08:58] But notice how those of these most these people that are making a joke, frankly, of our electoral process who are literally interlopers in the democratic process in the United States, none of whom are known or spoken about, none of them are reported on. You hear a lot about George Soros. He is a problem. But what about all these other guys? You know, look at all these other Wall Street Jews that are basically the New York Stock Exchange decides who becomes president of United States. And that is an outrage. You know that that's something that the vast majority of Americans don't approve of.

Eric Striker: [00:09:32] And, you know, I got to be honest. Dr. Duke, I think Trump. Is guilty of this as well. I mean, his top donor is who shall Maitland show else?

David Duke: [00:09:44] Of course, I think that was an insurance policy because they didn't like his policies and they wanted to control them. And he came in at the end after he might win.

Eric Striker: [00:09:51] Right. So did Paul sengwer. Exactly. And these guys are I'm pretty sure I'm pretty positive. Adelson is a dual citizen. And it just begs the question, like, forget the Jews, forget the Israelis. Why are dual citizens allowed to be 18 of perhaps 18 of 20 top donors for Hillary Clinton? Right. The 80 percent of the donors are potential dual citizens, Israeli citizens.

David Duke: [00:10:18] And here we are talking about the Russians and the very people talking about the Russians are Jews themselves who are, of course, one of the biggest promotants, promoters of Hillary and the big promoters of Israel on the planet, even though the Jews try to, you know, certain Jewish radical. Right. So The New York Times, unlike Israel, baloney, folks for The New York Times says she still says that, well, some of the right some of the idiot that fits the controlled opposition.

David Duke: [00:10:47] Of course, The New York Times has been the biggest supporter of Zionism from its earliest days. Nineteen ninety five is taken over by a radical Zionist pro-communist Jew. And the top of the eight people who control The New York Times, they're all Zionist Jews who support Zionist organizations and the state of Israel. And by the way, you yourself had a very good article in national justice on the fact that there was a poll of Jews and ninety five percent of Jews support for Israel. Yeah, five percent of Jews support a foreign right.

Eric Striker: [00:11:22] I mean, there is a distinction between extreme like really, really over the top Zionists in Libya, Zionists.

Eric Striker: [00:11:29] But but like that, though, that the left and right in Israel are not the same as left, the right and the west. Okay. Because the most far left person in the parliament, which is a guy named Peritz, goes out there and says, hey, we need to annex Palestinian lands. OK. But the left, as as we know it, in America or in Europe, the left is non-existent. In Israel, there is no cosmopolitan liberal left. OK. There are socialists. There are people that are socialists, more socialists, more market oriented and so on. But that is an internal dispute with the understanding that Israel is a Jewish state only for the Jewish people. OK. So, you know the whole distinction. It's very similar to like Barry Weiss, right. Barry Weiss was on the Joe Rogan experience and she was say, oh, I understand that. You know, some some of these Palestinians get oppressed and so on. But ultimately, if you are against Zionism, you are an anti-Semite. And that's kind of the understanding all what like that poll says. Ninety five percent of Jews have that. You know, it's it's like more of a debate between Hitler and Strasser than it is a debate between authentic left liberals and conservatives.

Eric Striker: [00:12:42] In fact, all our debates in in the west between the right and left are almost a mirror image or an inversion of what it is up here in order to be able to compete in an election in the United Kingdom or the United States. You have to take for granted that none of these countries belong to their native population. Let's look at Boris Johnson, right. Boris Johnson ran on an anti-immigration platform. He's now slated to to bring in more immigrants than ever that than in recent history. He's taking up an immigration plan that Theresa May rejected for being too liberal. And he is going to Africa. He's going to South Africa trying to recruit low skilled workers there. So, you know, this was the most far right candidate in the British election. Right. So we get the opposite of of what we want. And and so all these little internal debates are just meaningless between the Jews and so on.

David Duke: [00:13:36] Yeah. And that's and that's when we talk about like Jewish money and Jewish power and Zionist power. We're not you know, we can we were specific. I saw the ADL ADL honored me, as you know, a few months ago saying that we've got it. These are the sites, the social media sites we've got to take down. I've already taken down my Facebook. They're already restricting my YouTube and they've already gotten rid of almost every credit card processor I've used. I have had to go through about 10. It's a constant battle. But the book, the one social media site we have, the number one site we got to take down is David Duke's Twitter. So that was a real honor. I mean, I'm really.

Eric Striker: [00:14:15] That's ridiculous. You know, the thing that's going on. I mean, if we're going to be optimistic about this, which we should be. The increasing pettiness of of the censorship shows that the reality, which is that no matter how much they censor us, people will go out of their way to obtain or materials because we are telling the truth. Right. So you can take me I'm off of Twitter and my publication has more traffic than ever before. I used to get all my traffic from Twitter, sort of. But now people are just going to the site directly. And you know what? They're going to try and probably d platform my site from from its webOS. I'll just find another one and it'll just keep growing with traffic. I have the statistics. All these D platform nationals web sites have increased in traffic in the last two years. So people are going out of their way to obtaining these materials. Why? Because we're talking about issues that are material realities. And they are instead of trying to at least open up debate or address these material realities that people are facing instead of doing that. It's they're trying to double, triple, quadruple down in increasingly petty ways. I mean, you and Richard Spencer are basically the only people left on Twitter, OK, that can freely use a Twitter.

David Duke: [00:15:35] That's so they can say that they're somewhat of a platform, but they suppress us. I'm shadowbanned been that way for four years. My my numbers went up, shot up to fifty thousand in a matter of 20 days. And then since that time they shadowbanned me and they've kept me down at fifty thousand for the last three years. Even though some days we've had over a million or two million tweet reads. Right. And I've trended as high as number two on Twitter, which has a billion thing, trended number two in the world on Twitter. But they keep us from growing and they don't allow my followers to share. They don't get a notification.

Eric Striker: [00:16:13] It's why Jonathan Greenblatt on the. Of the Anti-Defamation League went to Congress and called on Congress to get personally involved, to use legal system, to get social media companies to purge people and censor people even further. I mean, what is this?

Eric Striker: [00:16:31] I mean, you're getting blood out of a stone now, Jonathan. There's no one else left. The purge. Well, you know what is growing? Because they're correct. I said I'm not. You have an argument.

Eric Striker: [00:16:42] Unless you have something, some kind of defense for a Zionist controlled liberal world order. Unless you can make that political defense, make that intellectual rationalization, which you can't. Well, there's a way out. This is it. It's going to happen. People are waking up to this stuff. And it's not just a cliche to say that, because if it wasn't true, they wouldn't be this aggressive, increasingly using the FBI to to persecute people for really stupid stuff. Just recently, they got some ZAB guys claiming they were going to do a terrorist attack at the Virginia gun rally. Crap. Yeah, it's a bunch of it's a bunch of crap because when you look at the affidavit, they're not charging them with conspiracy to violence or anything. They're charging them for harboring an illegal alien.

Eric Striker: [00:17:29] The U.S. government prosecuted that.

David Duke: [00:17:31] It's crazy. The whole Catholic Church ever made process for that immigrant aid society would have it.

Eric Striker: [00:17:40] You know, 50 million illegal aliens in an approximate May, not 50 million, maybe 20 or 30, whatever.

David Duke: [00:17:45] The number is the most site, one of the most powerful organizations in America that's advocating and they brag about the fact they've had more impact on Congress and stopping the enforcement of our laws against illegal alien trespass into America. Violation of our laws is a Hebrew immigrant aid society that does a Jewish organization. So they are specifically helping and harboring. Millions are supporting that anyway of millions of illegal aliens. I don't think a single one of those have been prosecuted for harboring an illegal alien. Sorry.

Eric Striker: [00:18:19] This is how I got all the all the the mayors and sheriffs across America that simply say Jews to work with ice to deport criminal aliens. Like what? What's that like?

Eric Striker: [00:18:31] You know, so this is the point I'm making is that when you see that kind of nonsense, when you see those kinds of shenanigans from the FBI, it's because they're basically it's because we're all big law. Doing the right thing and sticking to politics. And they need an excuse. OK. And I think increasingly they're taking more and more risks to their credibility, which is already in the dumps. OK. People saw tens of millions of Americans saw the FBI try to overthrow our duly elected government using all kinds of shenanigans. They're not now coming to light with the FISA warrants and all that. Imagine imagine living in a first world industrial doesn't industrialized country that has this reputation for freedom and democracy. And here you have the intelligence services ginning up phony pretenses to spy all the Republican Party's presidential nominees campaign illegally spying on all the people in his campaign. And you expect people not to notice that? I mean, the FBI relies on the trust and credibility of the public to not assume that it's political police. And now it's too late. It seems like they're they're relishing. In this role as political police and there's just no more respect for the rule of law or free speech or the Constitution anymore, and so they have these things where they they try and prosecute people for these phony baloney. I mean, the right conspiracy to riot. You can you can say that about anyone, the conspiracy to riot. They got the ramp. Guys on thrown out of court in California is unconstitutional. One embarrassment for the FBI. Ninety three percent conviction rate. You get a case thrown out of court for being unconstitutional. Now, let's see what happens with these harboring illegal alien prosecutions or about that. So some guy was like tinkering with his with his assault rifle or something. It's like a gun technicality. Like this is all they have. OK.

David Duke: [00:20:22] If they don't, these people are provided are now able to even raise money for decent lawyers rather than the court appointed shills. They're really in danger of getting convicted as we saw a lot of convictions in. And Charlottesville. But but I want to go on. We got more aspects of the Hillary thing which can help elucidate and wake people up about a lot of these major issues. I do want to comment quickly on the aspect of what you're saying. I mean, they're trying to shut us down and your Web sites are good. Now, I as you know, I spent some time in Russia. I was five years in Russia. I even went to Russia in the 1990s. And when I was there, I met to have a lot of very old Russians in their 80s who were actually adults at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. And I was ask them about that period. And I want to know what was their reaction. You know, and and every one of them had I regret that they didn't fight harder. None of them seem, even though the Bolsheviks were pretty, you know, open in what they were planning. They didn't really think that anybody could be so evil to do what they even said they were going to do.

David Duke: [00:21:27] And and and they didn't really fight, you know, fully and harder to fight. Is just standing up. Let me make it to the point here. So here's the deal. You're right. You've still got a Web site. We got a Web site. But we really have to think also about tactical maneuvers, tactical votes, even because there are a number of people already in the Democratic Party and maybe a few in the Republican, but Democratic especially that are really ready to fully criminalize white nationalism, criminalize any sort of gun ownership, criminalize and restrict freedom of speech by law and and any country. And a very with a powerful government, we got a much bigger government than even the Chinese have, really. And and way bigger than those rations, you know. And if they want to if they go to the I.P.S and they go to the domain names, they can do a lot to take away not only, you know, your social media sites, but take away even the right to have an e-mail. They take away the right for you to have a domain name and a Web site and prosecute you for that, criminalize it, in fact. So we do have a very big danger right now.

Eric Striker: [00:22:39] And I've I've spoken about this actually a lot of people's thing. Yeah, yeah. A lot of people are under the impression that the First Amendment is a sacred right. It's inviolable. You're totally wrong. I wrote an article yesterday or two days ago about the history of the First Amendment in the Supreme Court. Right. And there actually is, of course, a Jewish Zionist leader named Felix Frankfurter, who's a Supreme Court justice. In 1952, he authored a majority opinion in a case called the Boo Boo half-day vs. Illinois, where a man named Juhani was. I don't know how you pronounce it. It's like a French name. He was giving out flyers in 1950 and in the 1950s in Chicago, calling attention to black crime and calling all whites to organize and a political advocacy movement. All right. This was taken all the way. He was a he was arrested and charged with hate speech. They had a hate speech law in Chicago at the time. Right. And it went all the way up to the Supreme Court. And he actually lost and he lost because the Jewish Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, said that he was guilty of something called group libel by saying that blacks are behind the increase in crime in Chicago. So he said, you are libeling these people and libel is not protected under the First Amendment. So there we go. So this this precedent, this landmark case, has never been officially overturned by the Supreme Court. And as the ADL gets more and more desperate, like, you know, I heard just recently that they took away the the the call in phones for rent, and all this nonsense. You know, as they get more, more desperate, they realize that the censorship, the privatized censorship alone, the lawsuits, the privatized censorship is not enough to silence people because there's too many of us. They're going to increasingly start to revisit stuff like this in the Supreme Court where they're doing it now.

David Duke: [00:24:36] And here's the deal. Every one of. Credit candidates except Tulsi, perhaps every one of them has already called for the criminalization of anybody who defends European-Americans, criminalization of anybody who dares to talk about the Jewish domination of our media, of our political fundraising and a fact that they've led us into these insane wars that have cost us trillions and caused enormous damage to ourselves and other people all over the world. So they all literally get up there and the debate stage and all pledge to pass legislation to criminalize the speech we're doing right now. And any American. There was even I even read a big thing in Think, which is one of the big Web sites, and another one called Medium. And the writer was a Jewish guy. And he said that literally being a Trump supporter, we have the right. In fact, Trump supporters should not even have the right to vote. My God, that's for Bolshevism and of is anybody that challenges this issue. Now, these people are running for office to be prison, United States. And when they issue executive orders, it won't be like what happened when Trump picked, you know, issued. Exactly.

Eric Striker: [00:25:45] I have I have a take on that. I might have a different take than you. I think that under Trump, this this kind of stuff is already happening to a degree. Yeah, but what's happened? The reason for this is that these decisions are made by the permanent bureaucracy, political branch of the government. The intelligence agencies have already decided that they're going to prosecute and persecute people for their ideas. That's already been decided on. The political aspect is are they going to expand it? Are they going to keep pretending that people committed some egregious crime, crimes that are never, you know, bowling on Sunday? You know, I'm just waiting for the FBI to to try and van people for that. But honestly, if there was an actual law saying you go to jail for your political opinions, I would honestly, personally prefer that over these ridiculous antics that the federal government is running. Were they. They, you know, harboring an illegal alien conspiracy to riot because you said you you said smash the leftists or, you know, things like this that they're pulling. You know, it's like there's there's a there's a certain dignity to being a political prisoner that is denied you when they charge you with phony crimes.

David Duke: [00:27:02] All that's true. And I agree with you 100 percent. But but here's but here's the here's the here's the issue here. They literally if they want to and they'll do it and nobody will basically object because they themselves don't want to go to the gulags or don't want to be charged like a lot of people who are much opposed, obviously, to taking away their guns are talking about they can pry the guns off our cold that fingers. But I know what will happen. This will go along. Few people have be jailed. Other people will see it. They'll say, I don't want this to happen in my family. I can't afford to go to prison for my guns. And again, you have massive media control. And the fact is that they the federal government literally in 30 days could take away the cell phones of anyone they deem to be a white nationalist. They could take away the websites of anyone. They can totally, you know, not only with with the tech media, want to go along with us. And they'd love it, but they would actually, you know, even drive that tech media even to do more of that. I mean, they if they take away our right to an email, our website or anything like this, and they can do that. They can literally take away your right to have an email address. And it's not hard. It's very there are there are means they can do that through the bots and through the other things to have massive suppression. So when they start taking off the people, the jail and they don't get attorneys, they don't have a due process or whatever the problem is. That's why the First Amendment so sacred, because without the First Amendment, they can get away with any tyranny. And that's really what they're aiming at. And some of these Bolsheviks I want to go back to the toseek thing because we I think we have some more lessons here to learn.

David Duke: [00:28:39] And also, I want to share with you on this interview how she defends her positions about regime change wars. I don't think she should. I don't think regime change wars are a powerful message to the people that say that we can't average change or I think our powerful thing is we can't have unpatriotic, un-American, anti-American war is war. American boys die for lies for Israel.

Eric Striker: [00:29:03] You know, also, Tulsi Tulsi, his campaign is limited by the fact that she's made it a one issue campaign. You know, people that voted for Trump, for example, they voted for him because of a web of issues, trade, immigration. Also just the dignity of of of people in the heartland. You know, people want to fight someone that would fight for their dignity in the South, in the Midwest and so on. Tulsi is has been very one issue. It doesn't really have or hasn't really articulated many policies on other stuff. Very deep. And that's why I think she's suffering a little bit in the polls.

David Duke: [00:29:42] Let me play a next segment and then you and I can help school Tulsi. And by the way, by doing this, I think this show is listened to. Enormous numbers of the show now around the world are incredible night. I believe they're listened to by more leaders of the white awareness movement, Nainai Zionist movement around the world than any other program in the world right now. And I think we should you know, together we can listen to what she says. We can also listen to how they're attacking her. And we can also maybe school her and other people around the world how to talk about some of these issues more effectively saying that we're against regime change. Ward says nothing, by the way. You know, the American government supports regimes like that of Egypt, which is an absolute dictatorship, which is actually keeping Christians in the country from having, you know, praying in their churches right now. It's a fact. They support Saudi Arabia, which was deeply behind 9/11, even according to our own government. That's one of the most worst dictatorships and oppressive, murderous Sharia law regimes in the world. So it's not really about regime change. War is it's about regimes or any government, including democratic based governments and secular governments like Syria, which defend the rights of Christians and a really if a fair government. Let's go to what she's saying. And and here's what I'll do. I'll play this segment. Give me a chance to first respond a bit and my take and then I'll give you a chance to add your thoughts on it. OK, here we go.

Fox and Friends: [00:31:10] It really hit home with Tulsi Gabbard. Her name was brought up. So let's bring in Tulsi Gabbard, the congresswoman from Hawaii and Democratic presidential candidate.

Fox and Friends: [00:31:18] Congresswoman, it's always great to see you. I know you're working on the campaign war, but this is something that happened months ago. Why is now the time to act?

Tulsi Gabbard: [00:31:29] I love my country. After the attacks on 9/11, like so many Americans, decisions of the Army National Guard to put my life on the line to protect the safety, security and freedom of our country.

Tulsi Gabbard: [00:31:45] Now for almost 17 years, serving in uniform twice to the Middle East and also serve as a member of Congress now for a seven going on eight years, served on the Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security Committee, and dedicated my entire adult life to serving our country. And for Hillary Clinton and her powerful allies to attempt to smear me and accuse me, really implying that I'm a traitor to the country that I love is something I cannot allow to go unchecked. I'm filing this lawsuit because I will not allow anyone to try to intimidate me or other patriotic Americans to silence how.

Fox and Friends: [00:32:32] Fifty million dollars worth. And how are you going to prove actual malice?

Tulsi Gabbard: [00:32:38] Look, I'll get I'll let the lawyers argue the details of that. All the details are in the lawsuit.

Tulsi Gabbard: [00:32:42] Once again, this is a clear attempt to try to intimidate and silence those like me who are speaking out, who are being critical of the policies that she has had, the legacy of of war mongering and taking our country into unnecessary, stupid, wasteful regime change wars, unnecessarily sending my brothers and sisters into harm's way, my brothers and sisters in uniform speaking out against this foreign policy establishment is something that she clearly doesn't like, which is why she's attempting to do all she can to try to smear my reputation and undermine my campaign.

David Duke: [00:33:26] Ok, let's let's pause it there. If you would, give me a minute or two. I want to make a little case here and then I want to hear what your take is on it as well. You're always prescient about this. You're always a great spokesman. So I'll just start with the book, the first response to this. OK, first off, let's be square about it, because we got to talk about this issue realistically. The chance, I believe, of having the suit go to fruition and she winning a suit against Hillary Clinton for defamation is almost impossible, America. If you have a public figure, it's impossible to sue them successfully. You might win in the case of some beloved actor who everybody loves and you have a a jury selection that may go along with it. But in terms of something like this, it's impossible because that that's the nature of it. That's why you have very few. There could be millions and millions of successful lawsuits against public figures for lies that are told about people on politics or anything else. If we really had a fair system, but I like the idea, the suit for her, because it brings this issue to the forefront. Now, as far as her defense of herself, there's two aspects that she addressed here.

David Duke: [00:34:41] And I want to address them real quickly and get your response as well to both of these issues. First, she she answers by saying, well, you know, she did well. She said, look, I've served in the military because I believe in America. And I wanted to protect the interests of America. But these were regime change wars. These these were wars that, you know, were unnecessary and stupid wars. Right. For regime change in regime change is a big word. Well, that and also she said that she she did this because Hillary Clinton was calling her a traitor and she said it's not being. And she should have said, in my opinion, the talk about her service. But, you know, I'm not a you know, the people who betrayed America, who are the real traders, are the people on CNN, even Fox News, New York Times and the controllers of the United States Congress that sent Americans to have their their legs blown off and be burned before recognition to be murdered and killed and have damages to their brains in these wars for a lie. And it's all admitted now. Even the press itself had to admit it because it claims became so obvious with the documents there were no weapons of mass destruction.

David Duke: [00:35:57] And she's not going to say Israel. But that, to me is a much more powerful way to do it. That's real. Traders are those is no more treasonous thing in my mind. And this, I think, would resonate really good with patriotic people, because most people most countries are patriotic. They want to defend their own interests. To say that real traitors are these people who control our media, who are the establishment, this country, these these rich billionaire oligarchs who, by the way, I'm not going to say this, but they're Jewish, Zionist partisans for a foreign country. That's who there were two traders are and and and that's, you know, and that's why she she did this suit to try to expose the fact that we have a really a government run by traders. To me, that's much more powerful, talking about sending boys into battle for a lie and having them suffer for something, for a lie. That doesn't help America protect America, but does exactly the opposite and damages millions of Americans in every way possible. What are your thoughts?

Eric Striker: [00:36:59] Yeah, well, first of all, I think that, you know, clearly there's also Tulsi wants to get some some attention for her campaign. She has a journal on the debate stage A for a couple months. And sure, she wants that, which is totally understandable and normal. It's a popular issue. She's facing off with an unpopular personality. And it's over nonsense. Many Americans can, can can get behind. Because remember, the Jews claim that Donald Trump won in 2016 because of Russia. And, you know, they've largely dropped that now. But that was the fairy tale that they were telling people for two years. So this is actually a pretty, pretty good move on her behalf. Even take it has even if it even if there's no no damages one out or they were awarded from this. It's still a good move. And also just dragging these people to court. You know, these these people, if the roles were reversed, they love to use the legal system, the court system, the corrupted, dirty, dragging them in a court is is always if you have the money resources, it's always worth it. OK. So even if she loses, I'm glad that she's doing it.

David Duke: [00:38:10] I wish she was a little more school, though, because I think it's much more powerful than the same stupid regime change marches. You say wars that are unpatriotic, that are un-American, damage America and support regimes and support governments that, you know, that really don't love America like like Saudi Arabia. That's the that to me has a lot more power than just saying regime more.

David Duke: [00:38:33] So that's a little school entitled Speechley. Do what I'm saying here. Yeah.

Eric Striker: [00:38:37] We'll tell SI's campaign is the small outfit. It's run by her husband, I believe, or her sister or one of the two. I forget which one. But, you know, it's it's a small thing that she's doing here. It's a protest candidacy. And of course, these g.'s from day one since she announce she's been under attack from the Zionist media. And yes, it's entirely Zionist motivated. OK. And the reason they're attacking her isn't because she's an anti-Semite. I have it on pretty good. Pretty good. Let's say RELIABLE SOURCES that tell me that Scholesy is not a genuine anti Semite. In fact, she's actually clueless to some degree about how they hurt her. The people targeting her are the Israeli lobby.

David Duke: [00:39:20] How could it how could she be that now much?

Eric Striker: [00:39:22] She doesn't she doesn't necessarily believe that entirely. So. What's so funny about this is that the Jews are so neurotic that even though this woman is not an anti-Semite, they're treating her like one and they're dragging her through the dirt. I mean, you know, objectively speaking, if if this election if American democracy was about winning. Who is a better candidate from the Democratic camp to beat Trump than Tulsi Gabbard? Imagine. So this is a great candidate, a military veteran or a war vet, very sympathetic to Trump voters. It's a it's, you know, even for the left, you know, objectively speaking, I'll take my own opinions out of this. It's a woman who is is is just ethnic enough to placate the competing nationalisms in the Democratic Party, the black, the Mexican. She's a woman. She's a woman. She's a military veteran. Ascetics. Well, I think she. She's out now or is about to leave a sitting senator to congressman. Congressman, Congressman. Gotcha. Very attractive. Very elegant. Fit. Yes, exactly. Young. She checks every box if you want a perfect Democratic. She has a populist appeal. If you want the perfect Democratic candidate, it's Tulsi. And yet, look who look who they're trying to do, too. To me, I'm into you know what, Joe Biden, kooky Bernie COBA out there. Come on. I mean, was Woodward, you know, told he would sweep all of them if she had support from the media like those candidates do? But because of her foreign policy views, because she actually believed that Tulsi Gabbard shares the opinion of the vast majority of Americans on foreign policy, this is what the people of America want. Both both parties. And yet look at how they are willing to lose if the Democrats are. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the Democrats are going to lose are looking at the current crop of candidates. They are guaranteed to lose the drop in 2020. They would rather lose the election than run someone who hasn't been vetted by the Israel lobby. It's just remarkable.

David Duke: [00:41:34] That's because all the string pullers, all the deep swamp, all the fund raisers, all the people that have infiltrated the party is a good example. Was Wasserman right? Who ran it in the Hillary Clinton? All the real power is in Democratic Party. Your juice. In fact, the guy that they bring on. Tucker, all the time to argue for the Democrats is a Jewish guy. It's Jewish, Jewish, Jewish, Jewish, Jewish. And and it's very important to know that the Jewish left is the real establishment of America. Far left, open borders for America, big walls for Israel. You know, of Israel has laws against intermarriage. But here they promote every sort of they want to ethnically cleanse. European-Americans, have a policy to openly do that. They have a racist policy against European-Americans. We can just keep going. And they have where they want these massive wars for. For Israel. I mean, it's just it's just amazing to think about this. Let me play the last section of a part of make a little comment first and then I'll get your your take on it as well. Let's go.

David Duke: [00:42:35] This last part of her interview, she gammage 50 million dollars.

Tulsi Gabbard: [00:42:41] Again, you can look at the details that are in the lawsuit that you lost, $50 million. Those were the campaign.

Tulsi Gabbard: [00:42:51] This really what what is at the heart of what we're talking about here is an attempt to suppress freedom of speech, freedom of Americans like myself.

Tulsi Gabbard: [00:43:04] We're calling out very honest about the damage Hillary Clinton and others have. I am a traitor. Powerful allies.

David Duke: [00:43:31] Eric and the folks listening wherever you are in the world. Yeah, they can do it with anyone.

David Duke: [00:43:37] And I again, I'm not speaking. I'm I've been critical of Tulsi. I'm glad that she's suing or I'm glad she called out this this garbage and these lies. It's really helping us get people helping people get to the truth. But at the same time, I would like the scene and I would suggest in the future that she makes another argument when they say, how is she damaging fifty million dollars? Well, the truth is, if she would have gone along with the Jewish agenda in this country of these wars and everything you look at at the networks, you look at the book contracts, you look at everybody. She did not damage her 50 million. But it's, you know, saying that she's a traitor for Russia. Right. And against these wars, she'll be like a hot potato. They won't even touch her. She could probably make one hundred million today because she's very articulate. She's young, she's attractive, you know, and she's popular. And if she didn't have these positions on Israel and Zionism is not 50 million, but the truth is, he'd she did say that this is a battle for free speech, free speech as well. And the truth is, the enemy the people control. The Times is a corporation worth hundreds of millions of dollars, billions, perhaps these giant banks like Goldman Sachs, the biggest predator criminal bank on the planet. Chase which is all run by Jewish Zionists. If you look at the powers that be CNN, if you look at all the major media, there were trades. If you look at Google, for instance, run by two Jewish scientists who've given hundreds of millions of dollars to Jewish causes, and they're suppressing videos even by Palestinians against the war.

David Duke: [00:45:11] They're suppressing videos to do it there. They just crossed the trillion dollar value. That's just one part of the corporation. Trillion dollars. Right. And they're in the end, their search engines are actually controlling search engines, too, to silently and people without their knowledge, controlling what they see. If a kid, you know, for instance, Google's who says watch, might, you know, what's the position on the Iraq war or what's a position on. And they're going to censor out people that talk about the Jewish establishment of the Jewish nation, which was responsible for the war. And this is a trillion. So the truth is the answer. She I think she should again gone. It's not even about me. The fifty million dollars. Their power is worth trillions of dollars. And they spend trillions over the years of Dobb. It's been a billion dollars every election cycle. Three billion, five billion, Tenby, trillions of dollars in terms of bribery. And the arguments that they use for their their cause, that's why it's worth it. You know, give them an answer. Not just say we'll look at the look in the fourth. I would suggest she does that again. I think she did the best she can. I'm just I'm a little bit more experienced politician about those things. I got 65 percent of European-American vote in Louisiana for Senate and for governor. And I just would suggest to her that she talks about, you know, the real power of the people who are controlling the oligarchs who control America.

Eric Striker: [00:46:40] Yeah. Yeah. She might be surprised. I get the sense from Tulsi that she's a little a little reluctant to rock the boat too much. And that's simply not enough for the kind of campaign that she's running. OK. If you're going to run an anti-establishment political platform, you have to be an anti-establishment candidate and you have to call them out specifically, not just keep getting into low stakes rat races with Hillary Clinton is irrelevant at this point.

Eric Striker: [00:47:08] But, you know, go after Biden, go after you. He'll go after Bernie Bernie's record on foreign policy. Perfect.

David Duke: [00:47:16] Oh, he's a big promoter of Israel, all of you. Yeah. It's just war as he's gay. He's promoted every damn bill for Israel for money and everything else. It's been horrible what he's done.

Eric Striker: [00:47:27] Yeah. And he hasn't been perfect on that front even. But yeah.

David Duke: [00:47:31] So we've got a couple of minutes left and I want to take the last couple of minutes. That's our kind of warning. I started earlier than we used to. And you also mentioned Semitism. And it's really important for us to define carefully terminology because by controlling the terminology, they control our thoughts. So, you know, you said mentions that somebody can be anti-war, not being at Semetic. But what is anti-Semitism today? The Jews themselves define anti-Semitism as being anti-Zionist or being against these Zionist wars and posing in any way the Jewish agenda. Are the Jews specifically had this power? We got two major Jewish billionaires who are right now going to be spending probably between the two of them a billion and a half dollars. Right. In this campaign that besmirch anybody that stands up against them and it promotes the Jewish interests. So this make it real clear. You know, anti-Semitism is basically presented. The American people like somebody who wants the genocide, people murder children or gas people or something, whatever. And if if anti-Semitism scism is wrong by saying that, you know, saying anything Jewish anti Jewishness is wrong, then wouldn't it be just as wrong for The New York Times and CNN and and ABC and NBC and CBS and for that matter, Fox News talking about. Right. The Russian danger and Russians are Russian meddling when the truth is we have a government completely meddle, completely interfered with and basically controlled, including the media by people dedicated to the radical Jewish supremacist state of Israel. It's not anti-Semitic because it's because that's equated with murder for us.

Eric Striker: [00:49:10] Yeah, well, two to two things to say about that. The first one is no one can control who gets labeled that anti Semite or not. That's that's something Tulsi Gabbard is learning right now. She's not an anti Semite and yet she's being treated like one. They don't they don't explicitly say it. But, you know, she's being treated just like if the David Duke were running for president, why would you even.

David Duke: [00:49:32] So, Mike, by the definition that they use for like hatred, murder, genocide. Right. I'm I'm not one.

Eric Striker: [00:49:38] No. Well, that's the second point I was going to make, is that. Most critics of Jews understand that you are put under the legal microscope, you have fewer rights than average people. And so almost all the anti-Semites, quote, anti-Semites that I've met go through painstaking efforts to follow the law, not preach violence, non not endorse violence and so on. Meanwhile, you have these Zionist Neo-Cons in think tanks in Washington and in the government who who in their neocon wars explicitly call for violence against colored people. OK. When you're when you're going out there preaching war with Iran, preaching, attacking for all these all these countries in the Middle East and in Africa then and even in in Venezuela, Latin America, God. Ellie Abrams now there when you're calling for regime change.

Eric Striker: [00:50:30] You know, it's not just that you're swapping one government out for the other. You're basically calling on either a full on ground invasion that kills millions of people, as we saw in Afghanistan, in Iraq. Or you're calling on sparking a civil war. When to the side you depose doesn't like being deposed illegally and you start a civil war, which also leads this situation, asks area Syria or Libya. OK. And so we actually do murder. They want to murder non-white people. They explicitly call for. And yet somehow people like us who merely remark, hey, you Jews are trying to murder millions of people.

David Duke: [00:51:09] We are the bad guys. You're right. We are at the heart into the show. And the last statement that I'd make into it, we'll close it down with Robin and Wertime. But first, I'm also going to get people national justice. You can tell us where that is. A real folks. You can go to that. You can find them just just just Google. Eric Striker, you can find his Web site.

Eric Striker: [00:51:28] But but photo Geula, you can actually Google National Justice. It's the first entry. National High Justice.

David Duke: [00:51:35] Oh, we got to realize all these definitions or how they define NFA somewhat or how they define races is amazing. I mean, The New York Times, the same thing that supports Israel and also hates us. They just had an article that day by Bret Stephens, a Jewish Zionist supremacist called The Secrets of Jewish Genius. And the article basically says that Jews are by Jina Geneology, by genetics, if they are the superior people of the planet. Right. They had to even take down part of it because they because obviously they revealed too much. Those are the real supremacists. Those are the real suppressive people. And we here at this show and what the work of Eric Streicher is, we're working for true human rights for our own people and for all people. We simply want our people to survive and the values of our people. But we want justice and we don't want these foreign wars. The New York Times does and the Jewish establishment does.

Folks, go to Please support our efforts. And please also look up Eric Striker and support his efforts and read his Web site, National Justice.

Love you all. See you again tomorrow. Bye bye.

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