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America's Enemies are Unknown and Everywhere at the Same Time

A problem easily solved through a general military occupation of the entire planet

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The article originally appeared at German Economic News. Translated for RI by Anita Zalaldinova.

The newly elaborated US military defense doctrine is adopted from the classic friend-foe schema. A document says: “The enemy is unknown, the geography is unknown and the coalitions are unknown.” The answer must be a global American troop presence.

The US wants to continue to pursue a totally flexible friend-foe politics worldwide. The army should be able to deploy soldiers and war materials anywhere the world in order to respond quickly to potential opponents so that the United States can retain its position as world power under new geopolitical conditions.

To this end, the US military leadership is working on a new doctrine that assumes that the “war on terror” that began in 2001 will be continued indefinitely throughout the world. Recently, there has been a fierce controversy in the United States over whether the president has the authority to engage in war against any state or group related to 9/11. 

With the extension of the current practice it is clear that the current training mission of the US 173rd Airborne Brigade in Ukraine is not an isolated event but part of a new comprehensive strategy.

The cornerstones of the new military doctrine can be found in the US Army document titled “Winning in a Complex World, 2020–2040.” The main concept is based on ever-changing variables. ”The enemy is unknown, the geography is unknown and the coalitions are unknown,” states the document. The United States wants to rely only on allies in the twenty-first century. Each friend can become an enemy. Friends and enemies can change arbitrarily.

“Different enemies will implement traditional, unconventional and hybrid strategies in order to threaten the national security and the interests of the United States. Threats can come from nations, non-state actors, transnational terrorists, insurgents and criminal organizations,” the document states. Several principles are to be considered for future military success. The US military “has to be active in social media and controling how conflicts are reported. This includes the ability to thwart hacker attacks. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction must be prevented.”

The document states that by 2030 60 percent of the world's population will live in million-plus cities. Therefore the “enemy” has foreseen this development. Many municipalities are not able to operate adequately. Lack of investment in infrastructure and safety, combined with high unemployment and rapid population growth, will make cities vulnerable. US security forces of armed teams and commando units should be able to operate in cities.

The US masterminds see China as a major threat. Smoldering conflicts in Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and India suggest that China is a latent danger. The United States has expanded military and economic relations with all these countries in recent years. This has led to a situation in which the Chinese feel threatened by the Americans, since there are currently eight US military bases in the Asia-Pacific region.

Russia is classified as a second major threat. During the Ukrainian conflict and the annexation of Crimea the Russians demonstrated the importance for their country of ground troops. The strength of the Russian army is based on this. For some time the US intelligence community and NATO officers have openly admired the hybrid warfare conducted by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and they want to find a way to effectively oppose it.

Iran and North Korea are classified as regional powers that could also harm the United States.

The US approach is to establish a global troop presence before the possible outbreak of a conflict. This means that the United States must send troops into the entire world and store weapons on bases to be able to respond in case of war as quickly as possible. The stationing of US soldiers and war materials in Eastern Europe as part of the military program “Atlantic Resolve” is to be considered in this context.

The US State Department sent 500 military agents abroad last year. The officials will be working for the military Defense Intelligence Agency. Until now the CIA has been in charge of foreign missions.

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MORE: Military

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