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Elton John Attacks Putin for Removing Sodomy Scenes From His Gay Propaganda Film

GRIDS activist and anal songwriter Elton John is absolutely buttmad that Russia removed the actual scenes of sodomy from his movie – even though the gay propaganda film was still shown in Russia, probably in violation of Russian law.

It just never ends with these faggots.

Fox News:

Elton John took to Twitter on Friday to respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent interview with the Financial Times.

In the interview, published on Thursday, Putin said Russia has “no problem with LGBT persons. … Let everyone be happy,” but John, 72, called Putin’s words hypocritical since a Russian distributor censored LGBTQ-related scenes from “Rocketman,” a film based on John’s life and career.

“Dear President Putin, I was deeply upset when I read your recent interview in The Financial Times,” the “Tiny Dancer” singer wrote. “I strongly disagree with your view that pursuing policies that embrace multicultural and sexual diversity are obsolete in our societies.”

He continued: “I find duplicity in your comment that you want LGBT people to ‘be happy’ and that ‘we have no problem in that’. Yet Russian distributors chose to heavily censor my film ‘Rocketman’ by removing all references to my finding true happiness through my 25-year relationship with [husband] David [Furnish] and the raising of my two beautiful sons.

“This feels like hypocrisy to me,” John added. “I am proud to live in a part of the world where our governments have evolved to recognise the universal human right to love whoever we want.”

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The star went on to say he is “truly grateful for the advancement in government policies that have allowed and legally supported” his marriage to Furnish, 56.

The fact of reality is that the Russian people are a whole lot more extreme than Putin is. And in fact, Putin shouldn’t have allowed the movie to be shown at all, because the entire film is gay propaganda, not just the actual sodomy scenes.

Another fact of reality is that Jewish elites do not want “democracy.” Because the American people also voted against so-called “gay marriage.” We were never asked to vote against homosexual child-kidnapping AKA “gay adoption.”

Devil horns and love glasses. Pretty much sums up the nature of the homosexual.

The people wouldn’t necessarily vote against all agendas of Jewish elites, but they would vote against most of them. Definitely this faggot stuff.

So in actual fact, our governments force things upon us, then say it is called “democracy.”

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Because “democracy” is just a codeword.

I wish that Putin would stop pandering to this stuff.

What is even the point of it?

The Russian people don’t like it and the international Jewish-led nations are simply going to call him a fascist no matter what he does. Just implementing basic laws to stop homosexualism being propagandized at children is too much for them. Editing out scenes of literal sodomy before showing a movie in public is too much for them.

So why give them anything?

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Homosexuality was banned in the USSR. It was only made legal in the 1990s when Jewish oligarchs were running wild all over Russia, destroying everything. No country is better off with more “gay rights.” It makes zero sense. If you feel bad for gays, okay, fine, don’t have them executed – but don’t let them run around in public.

It’s just wrong.

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