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'Elites' Control America by Dividing Her into Many Squabbling Factions - It's Deliberate (FTN Podcast + Transcript)

From the FTN Website:

Post WWII political systems in the U.S. and Europe have been painstakingly designed to first divide white voters into two or more political camps and then further divide white voters within those camps. It wasn't enough to simply study polling and manipulate voters by pitching rhetoric through a false dichotomy, the views of these voters were unacceptable and had to be changed, permanently.

In this clip, Jazz and James discuss this phenomenon and how the system has achieved immunity to subversion.

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Modern America was founded in 1945, a modern America was founded with the end of this of of World War Two and really came into its own really ratified itself in 1965 with civil rights and the Immigration Act. And that's when when modern America, as we know it, came into being. They want to make it so that that is where America where America started. Full stop. Right. All of this this history pre the end of World War Two isn't convenient for them because there are a lot of things people can look back to, white people can look back to as being better times, as being, you know, something something a society that was more real, that was better for them. A society created for them by people like them, heroes that looked like them, heroes they can relate to. They need to smash all of that. And and so, yeah, that's that's why they're doing this. And it's not just, you know, we predicted it would be Jefferson and they've done Jefferson. And I saw Columbus. The Columbus statue was beheaded. But they're going after. I mean, like people like Cecil Rhodes Wright, who is a problematic figure in and of itself.

You know, from our perspective, who had his problems. You know, they're throwing his statue into the harbor. They're going after and, you know, in the UK, I saw they were throwing these statues of guys who were slave holders or something into the harbor. But do you think the people doing that, like, knew who that guy was like? Oh, yeah. This guy from the 16th century, you know, big slave older. Yeah. Them in the river. No, they saw a white face. They saw a white man as a statue. And they knew no matter what he did, no matter who he was, because he's white, he gets thrown in the river, he gets around. He's he's done. He's being replaced. So that's why they're doing this. I mean, they're not targeting these people for specific ideological reasons. They want to remove all white symbology. That's always been what this is about. And the more it is allowed to continue, which it's it seems like it's going to be, hopefully the more people will will be able to see this and see that we were right when we were solving this.

It's it and it's also part of sort of a natural political cycle, too. And it leads to a new normal. Yes. So it's it's not that. But this is the simulated swinging pendulum. Right. We used to think there was a show we did a long time ago called A Pendulum's and Machetes. And we talked about how fake and gay the pendulum, because it's like a thing the boomers say. It's like all the pendulum always swings back on the other direction. Well, it's simulated. It swings, but it's simulated because they can't ever let one side gain too much political power or allow it to get too much of it what it wants. But the system is always advancing in a certain direction. Right. So it swings back and forth. You know, for a while it gives it makes whites feel like they they have moral authority and they, you know, put all their copes and Donald Trump. And then it's where they they swing that door back shut and they swing it back to the other side and you're going to have anti white shit for a while. That's just what they did. They did this. They did. Now, George W. Bush was not in the way that Trump was at all, but that was back in the arts.

That was a time when people were deeply invested in defending America, being patriotic and, you know, taking down going after these terrorists and whatever else. But then you got a lot of you know, then whites are getting a little bit too big for their britches. And you had to have America is still a very racist country and it was time for healing. We had to have Barack Obama. Barack Obama is supposed to heal the country. And then you have Donald Trump come back and then it's back and forth and they're just gonna keep doing this. But it's all simulated. The problem is the sort of casual observers of the political system that don't understand how it works. Think that that's some sort of natural cycle. But in reality, there have been a lot of people have written about this, that this sort of fake and gay political paradigm, if they can keep it going, is actually a very stable way to govern, because if you actually give people what they want. If you actually give these tribal factions what they want, then you're eventually just going to have war after war, after war, because you're going to have especially in a country like America, because it's gonna become a racial battle.

But instead, they just keep everybody divided. Right. In the 1960s with Finkelstein, the the strategy was, how are we going to take these two political parties that are not all that different now, though, that, you know, they're not all that far away from each other. They're mostly white. And we're gonna do all this fucked up shit in 1965 with heart seller and civil rights and all kinds of other things we talked about on the show. And then how do we keep these people from having a goy, Lasch? Right. How are you going to have people from reform reacting to this? Well, we have to start splitting them apart. We have to divide them into conservatives and into liberals and make those people hate each other. And then we're gonna we're gonna give black civil rights and do all this other shit that they did in the meantime. And this system has just continued on and on and on and as the country has gotten browner. And they've pitted people against each other, now it's capitalism versus socialism, and people fall for those traps over and over and over again. And they have you know, it's ended up in this situation that we're in now. And it's just a natural part of the political cycle. Like you could almost have predicted that there was going to be a massive demoralization of whites coming very soon, because while you have a president who isn't going to deliver what those white people want and you have them being browbeaten on the other side, it's a great way to collapse white support for any sort of candidate, because think of a candidate who tried to stand up and run in this kind of in this kind of a cycle.

I would immediately assume that that person is some sort of a pied piper because they want they want to give people hope again, too, for somebody running for office, some political office who is saying totally embrace rhetoric, and then they trot out all these supporters and then they smash them again. So I'd be highly skeptical. But that's not what they're going to do.

They're going to give whites no hope for any sort of political solution. And they're going to get they're gonna get blacks very animated, which they have in all of the white allies of blacks, keep whites divided and they are going to get rid of Donald Trump. And that's that's the plan. And it's like, you know, no skin off our back, except that you're just going to get you're gonna get a different flavor of of sort of Zionism Jewish advancement. It's just not going to be Ignat and it's not gonna be anybody appealing to white interests. And that's that's done. That's pretty much done. And the lesson learned.

One more thing, because I know you're trying to get in there is they are going to say, see Donald Trump's nativism, that he was never going to deliver on Donald Trump's racism. That wasn't real. He was always a Jewish candidate. Is a loser. This is not what people want. Donald Trump lost the election and see, this is why, because nobody wants white nationalism. Nobody wants immigration. Nobody wants any of these things that Donald Trump promised but never delivered on will leave that sort of those details to the side. But the story will be that this strategy failed because there's nothing wrong about Trump's strategy. It was a success. People liked it was very popular. He just didn't deliver on it. There are things he could've done better. But I think people get my point without getting too sort of autistic about it. It's that they will make this as much about a demoralization of people who supported that ideal allergy, even though it was fake as well. And that's that's also the purpose here. That's also why they're doing this.

Yeah, and they have the ability to keep that demoralisation in place to run with four or eight or whatever years of biting if they choose. And then in eight years, they can re-evaluate and take stock of where they are. Take stock of how far the demographic clock has ticked. And if they feel they need to do another another, you know, gin up Whitey and bring him out into the open so we could smash him again. They have a bench that they're working on right now of candidates. They could run and come out and have say it, have them say totally based things, have them say all lives matter, have them take the right tone on race and crime and immigration. And if they if they feel the need to, they can do this and, you know, read, rinse, rinse and repeat, do the same that they did in 2016. If they feel they need to, they might. They might not. But that's in there in their.

And they never wanted Trump to be president, too. This is something we've talked about before as well, is he's been sort of a jerk. That interruption like this is this is inconvenient for them. They didn't want somebody appealing to white interests. They don't like where this is going. Finckel Finkelstein is dead. He's been dead for twenty seventeen. They were already talking about how he had gone too far with the Soros and Auburn stuff. That was already a bridge too far. They were already getting criticism for that. They didn't want to go any further. Trump took it further just to get in, just to give Israel what it wants. And sure, it yeah, that's what they wanted anyway. But this is the argument. This is the argument. It's do we take what we can now and get as much land in our lifetimes as we can?

Because you know that playing into Netanyahu's thinking as well as can I get this stuff done under my legacy? Sure, I can think long term and think, yeah, you know, 300 years from now we have to accomplish what we can for the Jews. Right. But he wants to do it for himself. That's what it's a lot of what's driving the dignitaries. Like, I want this stuff. Now, this is whether ghetto Jews, they want it now. Let's get all the pieces on the board. Let's do it now. Whereas the people that want to do this in a more slow roll manner, I think their argument is we need to solve this problem with white people and then we'll get what we want eventually anyway. So you guys are sort of trying to do this and play a dangerous game while there are still a lot of white people left and a lot of white people who still have a lot of these sentiments, the process isn't complete. It's still half baked. And you guys are trying to do this now, so they don't want to do that. It's also an interruption to a lot of the things that they've been trying to do. And it also moralized whites, if if not temporarily, the reason why Biden is such a good candidate for them, even though people don't look at any Zucco. Why is this befuddled old fool? Why is this a good thing? It's like that's actually the perfect play, because people won't take it seriously. They're gonna have somebody else running the show. But on top of that, Biden is white and Biden. We told you he was one of the people who voted to give Robert E. Lee citizenship back right in the Senate. But he's also done a lot of other things, including the crime bill and all these other things that he's done that when when when even the Democratic Party had to support law and order sort of interests and whatever.

He's the perfect guy to be that white guy who has had a change of heart.

And it's time to do things much differently. And I was wrong about all these things that I used to believe in and now we're gonna be doing. It's far more powerful than a non-white who may excite the black base and come in and, you know, whatever and whatever, blah, blah, blah. But it also whets the appetite for, oh, you know, this isn't a white this is a white candidate. It's not who I wanted. But you have the guy out there is somebody who's sort of leading the charge for other whites to do the most cupped thing possible. People will fall for that. I'm just lunchbox Joe, the working class guy. I was wrong about all this law and order. We need to let blacks out of jail. And, you know, I was wrong about, you know, being friends with segregationists. I was wrong about just about everything and, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it's a white person is a much better avatar for that. That's why Jews do the fellow wipe it. So he's kind of it's kind of an ingenious format in that way because there aren't other whites out there who can do that. Who once had shitty positions that a lot of people agree with in private. Still to this day, law and order, segregation, everything. He can be the guy that says, you know what, I was wrong about all that and save his legacy, be in there for one term and be done. And then they put some non-white in there and kind of continue the process. And there's never gonna be a pendulum swinging back the other way.

There wasn't supposed to be a pendulum swinging back the other way in 2016. It was supposed to be Hillary and continue on and on and on forever. And I'm not saying Democrats good. And Republicans, you know, all this stuff like that, people sort of fall for. I'm just telling you what they plan to do. So, yeah, there you have.

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