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Dutch Vote 'No' to Ukraine, But Eurocrats Couldn't Care Less

And Petro Poroshenko unsurprisigly reconfirms it doesn't matter because Ukraine has no self-respect anyway

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I find it deliciously ironic that "No" in Dutch is "Nee" - which is pronounced very similarly to the Ukrainian word.

Therefore, they should have no trouble understanding the Dutch referendum results in backwoods Galacia. But whether the EU's undemocratic Eurocrat rulers understand it is another matter.

Though turnout was only 32%, pre-election polling also showed a majority against association. Most likely, the low turnout simply demonstrates most Dutch don't consider Ukraine worth going to the polls at all. 

Yet despite 64% of Dutch voters saying they want no kind of "association" with basket case Ukraine, there is no consideration at all from Dutch and EU politicians that the deal will not happen. The devil is just in the details, says Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte:

Though the referendum was non-binding, Rutte acknowledged late on Wednesday it was politically impossible for his unpopular government to ratify the treaty in its current form.

However, as the Dutch currently hold the EU’s rotating presidency, he will need time to figure out whether and how he can alter the treaty in a way that could satisfy all parties.

Rutte said the government would consult with parliament and its European partners “step by step. That could take days or weeks.”

So no matter how many times Dutch voters reject association with Ukraine; no matter how many times Dutch or Irish voters reject an EU constitution, the EU Politburo and its functionaries like Rutte are going to have their way.

To them, it is merely a question of convincing their misinformed masses to make the "correct" and "democratic" choice. Or else of making minor superficial changes to the decisions already reached. 

If the people vote wrongly, it is irrelevant. If they vote rightly, it is just window dressing. 

Ukraine's titular head-of-state, Petro Poroshenko doesn't care much either:

“Under any circumstances we will continue to implement the association agreement with the European Union including a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement,” [Poroshenko] told reporters in Tokyo.

No doubt he represents the general view in Bandera-brainwashed Ukraine.

I just wonder what kind of masochistic psychology is necessary in order to continually desire more degredation from people (i.e. Europeans and Americans) who obviously care nothing about you except as an economic colony and military outpost, and who consider you so "European" they extend you the same visa rules as subsaharan Africa. 

It's a rhetorical question. Bandera-Ukraine will accept any kind of degredation to not be considered Russian. I don't know if clinical Russophobia is a syndrome, but it should be. 

Even today few Ukrainians know what is in the EU association agreement. It is a document which opens Ukraine up to tarrif-free imports of EU goods, but places strict quotas on goods Ukraine can export to the EU -- especially agricultural products, which are very important to Ukraine. It gives the EU all the rights, and Ukraine all the responsibilities. 

But the fact that the Dutch electorate decided it didn't want any form of "association" with failed-state Ukraine and its economic depression, political chaos, infrastuctural dilapidation, neo-Nazi private armies roaming the country, murder of journalists and lawyers, and its ethnic cleansing campaign against phantom "Russian terrorists" is hardly surprising. 

Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev offered a more sobering view:

Medvedev said the result was “an indication of European attitudes to the Ukrainian political system".

Don't hold your breath expecting the Eurocrats or the Ukrainian regime leaders to admit the same. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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