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Drug Traumatized Tory Says Putin Supports ISIS

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Drugs. Most young people rip a few dank bongs during university (or "college", if you paid $60k/year for daycare in Massachusetts or Ohio), and then grow up and become productive members of society. 

Unfortunately, there are some who never quite recover from sticking MDMA up their butt-holes. Take for example disgraced Tory MP Louise Mensch, who admitted that taking Class A drugs left her with "long-term mental health" problems.

Usually we would be extremely sympathetic to people suffering from the long-term effects of Tory substance abuse, but when your drug addiction leads to insane outbursts about bombing Russia — which would inevitably provoke a world war, killing millions — it's hard to shed even crocodile tears. 

Even Bill Maher knows this lady is a sack of British sadness:

"Russia is sending Chechen militants into ISIS, and they are absolutely trying to leverage this against a billion peaceful people."

It's amazing what disgraced British cucumber sandwiches will do for money.

<figcaption>Not enough brain cells — even for Murdoch</figcaption>
Not enough brain cells — even for Murdoch

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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