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Dr. Steve Turley Crushes Globalist Critics of Upcoming Pro-Family Conference in Italy (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The UK globalist propaganda outlet known as The Guardian, which zealously guards the right to unfettered spreading of fake news, particularly as regards Russia, has been stirring the pot recently, seeking to cast aspersions on an upcoming pro-family conference taking place in Verona, Italy. It recently published this article: Italian PM distances himself from anti-gay, anti-abortion event., which we highly recommend reading, partly because it provides interesting details about some of the planned speakers.

The Guardian's opinion about the annual conference, the largest and most prominent such event in the world, is made clear in this 2015 editorial:  Pernicious work of World Congress of Families fuels anti-LGBTQ sentiment.

<figcaption>Turley haranguing the airwaves</figcaption>
Turley haranguing the airwaves

The recent Guardian article mentions that: "Protesters were expected to rally at the event from 29 to 31 March." One can well imagine the writer and editor smiling in happy anticipation of this spectacle.

Dr. Stephen Turley, a rising YouTube star, and an outspoken supporter of the conference who will be speaking there alongside Italian deputy prime-minister Matteo Salvini gives a rousing defense of the coming Verona event in a recent broadcast, and previews what he will be speaking about: why opponents of pro-family policies are experiencing a global rout, and are on the wane.

Last week RI reported on a coordinated effort in the mainstream media to slander the conference:  Globalist Media: Upcoming Pro-Family Conference Headlined by Salvini a Russian Front (Verona, Italy)

For an excellent long article describing the conference in detail: Join 100s of Americans in Italy - World’s #1 Anti-Globalist, Pro-Family Conference - Salvini to Speak - March 29-31, Verona

Here is Turley's video, very rousing indeed:

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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