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DPR Leader Zakharchenko: 90 Percent Chance of Full-Scale War with Ukraine

Bloomberg interviews DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko

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This is actually one of the first mainstream media interviews with Zakharchenko that we can recall in quite some time. We encourage you to read the entire piece, but we found Zakharchenko's comments about Mariupol to be particularly interesting (although he's been talking about retaking Mariupol for quite some time): 

Zakharchenko said Mariupol will eventually be part of his people’s republic.

<figcaption>Alexander Zakharchenko</figcaption>
Alexander Zakharchenko

“We will liberate all our compatriots,” he said, adding that he had about 23,000 troops under his control and 30,000 reserves. “It’s easy to outflank it and they will surrender. Don’t forget, our mothers and our sisters live there, so don’t make us out to be bloodthirsty beasts.”

Spoken like a true "Russian terrorist". 

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MORE: Ukraine

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