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Double Insult to Russophobes - Syria to Get 5000 Tons of Grain from Russian Crimea

Thousands of tons of Russian grain will be delivered to Syria next year, according to the head of the Crimean region Yuri Gotsanyuk.

Exports from the Russia's Black Sea peninsula to the war-ravaged country started two years ago.

<figcaption>© Reuters / Bogdan Cristel</figcaption>
© Reuters / Bogdan Cristel

The first batch of grain will be delivered in early January, Gotsanyuk told reporters on Tuesday. He added that Crimea expects more citrus fruit shipments from Syria. "We are in talks on more supplies," he said, explaining that citrus from Syria arrived in early 2019.

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On Monday, the first batch of olive oil from Syria was supplied to Crimea. It will be later sold in other Russian regions.

Syria, which is facing problems with grain supplies due to Western sanctions, has a desperate need for bread. 

In April, the sides signed a memorandum on trade and economic cooperation. They have agreed to set up a joint trading platform and ship operator for ensuring regular maritime freight traffic.

Source: RT
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