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Donbass Charity Event in London Today, April 2nd (Update)

An auction, open mic, entertainment and catering! By the Finsbury Park tube station, starting 6.45pm. The Facebook page for the event is here

  • Update: Venue for the event has been changed. New venue is close by, exact address: 124-128 Blackstock Road, London, N4 2DR

Graham Phillips is our regular contributor. This article also appeared at The Truth Speaker

This event has quite a history – the first incarnation was cancelled after intervention from pro-Ukraine activists.

That’s why this time, I’ve had to be a bit more discreet with details. But, here they are:

The venue is near Finsbury Park tube station, starting 6.45pm, April 2nd: 

There will be a special guest!

Auction – my 20 best photos, as selected by you, up for auction to raise funds for Donbass – the town of Pervomaisk, with living conditions there truly desperate, hospitals in Donetsk.

Pervomaisk here -

There will be Catering – kindly arranged by a kind firm, provided for free.

Entertainment – looking like we’re going to have some special singing put on, as well as an MC!

An open mic – for you to get up on stage to say what you want

And a chance for you to give money for Donbass via a fundraiser, and send humanitarian items there, such as I can take by car.

It should be a great evening – see you there! 

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