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Do They Have an Atlas in the US State Department?

Apparently not

This from US Secretary of State John Kerry:

Today we are united with Ukraine in somber remembrance of the sacrifices made by the “heavenly hundred.” We also recognize the efforts of the people of Ukraine to make progress over this difficult year. From L’viv to Luhansk, from Chernivtsi to Sevastopol, Ukrainians are coming together to define their own future.

And finally, we join you in declaring, Slava Ukrayini. Glory to Ukraine.

America stands with you.

Do you think he, or any of his flunkeys, would be surprised to learn that Sevastopol and Lugansk have “defined their own future” and it's one that doesn't include Lviv and Chernivtsi?

This guy is piloting the United States?

Sleep well.

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