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Do Globalist Politicians Really Believe What They Say?

Russiahoax? Nah. "Diversity is our Strength?" Probably.

One wonders about the people in charge. Do they really believe the nonsense they say? Most of the time, that’s obviously not the case. For instance, nobody prattling on about Russian interference actually believes that except for Maxine Waters. Politically, it’s useful. That’s why we’ll never hear the end of it. It makes perfect sense from that angle.

However, other policy priorities are so blatantly stupid that their implementation prompts one to question the sanity of those in power. It’s one thing to pay lip service to a politically correct concept, yet it’s another thing entirely to act on it.

For instance, take Angela Merkel’s decision to invite an Afro-Islamic deluge into Germany. Her underlying justification was that this would bolster the German labor force and help to ameliorate an impending fiscal crisis created by the retirement costs of an aging population. “Win-win situations” as she describes it.

This was either a canard used to disguise suicidal ambitions for her homeland or the thought process of someone truly delusional. It could be fun to get conspiratorial and say that she was carrying out the Kalergi Plan. Reality dictates that it’s far more likely she was seeking to do what she said she was doing, which was fixing a problem. Most politicians don’t seek to destroy the polity over which they preside, because that makes continuing to preside a rather difficult task.

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Her political establishment, both that of Germany and Western Europe as a whole, is now being turned on its head. Merkel is on her way out. The rise of Germany’s AfD party was unthinkable prior to the invasion, and yet predicted by sober-minded crimethinkers when it began. How were such developments not anticipated by those losing power? They seem genuinely bewildered.

French President Macron is her primary counterpart in the unwitting Euro-Suicide Pact. In a recent address to the German Bundestag, he intoned about the importance of preventing the “slip into chaos,” while the demographic influx he so fervently supports is causing precisely that in France. The only guarantee is that demographic change will make it much worse in the future. With his popularity already below 20%, a second term will be impossible.

Perhaps one reason common sense plays no role in the decision making of leaders like Merkel is that nobody espousing common sense could ever have made their way into the circles of power in her heyday. When only one opinion is viable for climbing to the top, it shouldn’t be a surprise that everyone up there shares it. So sure, conformity certainly is a factor.

Still, that doesn’t explain the sheer delusion it takes to rapidly force a nation into suicide all while pretending the process is positive when nothing good has come from it whatsoever. Not only that, but after all the horrors that have transpired, she doubles down and demands an unending flow. That pretty much fits the clichéd Einstein version of insanity.

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