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The Difference Between Russians and Ukrainians? - Laugh-Riot at Russia's Top Talk Show

Evgeny Popov's show is a freewheeling slugfest ...

One of Russia's top politicians, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, tells a joke in an effort to ridicule his Ukrainian opponent, and the whole studio cracks up, including the famous anchor of the evening news, Andrei Kondrashev, as the channel segues into his program.

The insulted Ukrainian shouts back at Zhirinovsky that he is a moron.

Russian political talk shows are surprisingly boisterous and free-wheeling, with an awful lot of shouting, not at all the comparatively dignified (and boring) affairs that they are in Europe and America.

There is also more diversity of opinion than in the West.

Transcript below:

I've got a joke ... Pavel Grigorich says the Ukraine is a separate country ...
I am asking: How are you independent?
He says:  We have a flag, a coat of arms, a hymn and a separate language.
I told him: Pavel Grigorich, how do you say spina (spine) in Ukrainian?
- Spina
- Ruka (hand)?
- Ruka
- Zhopa (ass)?
- Sraka!
So for the sake of your ass, you want to have your own coat of arms, hymn, and flag!?
- You are a durak (fool)!
One word (ass) and everything is clear. This is their independence.
- Zhironovsky screams at the Ukrainian: "You are stealing from your people and from the Russian people ....!!!"
News, the news is coming...

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