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Did Putin Just Admit There Are Russian Special Forces in Ukraine?

Putin signs decree prohibiting "disclosure of losses in manpower in peacetime during special operations"

After the capture of two Russians operating in East Ukraine, Putin's amendment to a list of state secrets is rather...suggestive. TASS has the details

Now a state secret
Now a state secret

Russian President Vladimir Putin has amended the list of state secrets, approved under a presidential decree of November 30, 1995. The corresponding document has been published on the official portal of official legal information.

In particular, the phrase "information disclosing losses in manpower in wartime" has been complemented with the amendment reading "in peacetime during special operations."

Special forces operating in Ukraine is a far cry from an "invasion" of 10,000 Russian troops. But this could be Putin's way of acknowledging that there is a Russian presence in Donbass. Stay tuned. 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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