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Now Denmark Is Sending Troops to Syria -- Without Seeking Permission of Its Government

The fourth western country to illegally insert itself into Syria

US has about 450 special forces in northern Syria with the Kurdish YPG militia. France has about 60 in the same region. UK had several dozen in southern Syria.

None of these ever asked permission from the Syrian government if they could install themselves on its terroritory.

Now Denmark has announced it will send 60 special forces troops of its own to Syria.

We've come to where just about any minor western country can trample on Syrian sovereignty at will.

Denmark has also been flying combat missions over Syria without seeking a deal with Damascus, and took part in the September US-led strike outside Deir ez-Zor which killed nearly 100 Syrian soldiers.

It's not clear where Danish troops will operate, but if they're joining Americans and the French in Kurdish-held areas that is not going to sit well with their NATO ally Turkey at all.

The Danish also took part in the American ccupation of Iraq.

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