Democracy Is Not a European Value (Video)

Government of the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats and for the bureaucrats shall not perish from Europe

Europe: the birthplace of democracy. But it would seem that in the interests of advancing European values, democracy is to be set aside. The will of the people is now to be seen as a stubborn obstacle, an unfortunate nuisance that must somehow be overcome if European values are to bloom.

"Freedom cannot be stopped"

That’s what Ukraine’s President Poroshenko seems to be saying in this little speech following the Dutch referendum vote rejecting the EU’s Association Agreement with Ukraine.

First he attacks the Dutch citizens who organized the referendum. He castigates them not for voting in their democratic self-interest, but for attacking the “unity of Europe … on the spread of European values”.

In other words, Europeans are being anti-European by engaging in democracy.

But in satisfaction, Poroshenko reminds that the Dutch parliament does not have to heed the voice of its people, something on which he is in fact counting. He concludes with a flourish: “freedom cannot be stopped.”