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Deluded Dems Pin Midterm Hopes on Trump Hatred and Ludicrous Conspiracy Theory

Great way to lose to a weakened Trump again which will serve as further "proof" that Russians stole US democracy

The Democrats have decided to double-down on a political strategy that has divided the country, undermined confidence in public elections, alienated their progressive base and increased the chances of a violent clash with Russia. On Friday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a lawsuit charging the Russian government, the Trump campaign and Julian Assange of conspiring to sabotage the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. The 66-page legal complaint is a politically-motivated smokescreen intended to divert attention from the fact that that Dems have abandoned any pretense of representing the interests of working class people. The party leadership is now fully-committed to pursuing an elitist, anti-Russia, anti-Trump agenda that lacks any progressive component and which is entirely based on a ludicrous conspiracy theory for which there is not a shred of hard evidence. Simply put: The lawsuit is the last disgraceful nail in the coffin of a thoroughly-corrupted political organization that has lost all credibility and clearly outlived its shelf-life.The Democrats are now the party of Hillary Clinton, John Brennan and James Clapper. They represent the narrow interests of the Intelligence Agencies, the Pentagon, the foreign policy establishment and Wall Street. The reason why Barack Obama never prosecuted any of the bankers who precipitated the financial crisis and plunged the economy into the deepest slump since the Great Depression, is because they represent the party’s core constituency, the rapacious, obscenely-wealthy mandarins who grease the wheels on Capitol Hill, pull the political puppet-strings, and implement the belligerent policies that keep the country mired in one bloody conflict after the other. These are the behind-the-scenes powerbrokers who call the shots, rig the primaries, euthanize the party’s progressive wing and throw leftist candidates, like Bernie Sanders, under the bus.

The 66-page lawsuit is a monument to stupidity that must be read to be believed. The document rehashes virtually all of the spurious allegations that have been leveled at Trump and Moscow for the last 18 months without any supporting evidence. The perpetrators of this legal charade obviously think that the media’s relentless propaganda has convinced the American people that Russia did in fact “meddle” in the 2016 presidential elections and that Trump and Co, did “collude” with Russian agents. But that does not appear to be the case. Recent surveys indicate that one’s feelings about the ongoing investigation are largely shaped by one’s political orientation. In a January Quinnipiac survey, “Eighty-three percent of Republicans said the investigation was a witch hunt while 79 percent of Democrats thought it was legitimate”. These strong partisan divisions do not bode well for the Dems who seem to believe that the lawsuit will help to sway voters in the midterm elections. That is not just a very cynical calculation, it also strikes me as a very bad bet. Russiagate skeptics– whose numbers continue to grow– are more likely to see the lawsuit as just another temper tantrum by crybaby Democrats who still can’t accept the fact that their cherished NWO candidate lost the election to a rank amateur with no constituency and no experience. Bottom line: There’s no reason to think that the DNC’s pathetic lawsuit will succeed in luring uninformed voters into the Democrat’s camp. As always, the condition of the economy will be a much larger factor in determining how people vote. And, at present, most people think the economy is in “good shape”. Now take a look at this short excerpt from the DNC lawsuit:

“In the run-up to the 2016 election, Russia mounted a brazen attack on American democracy. The opening salvo was a cyber attack on the DNC, carried out on American soil… Russia then used this stolen information to advance its own interests: destabilizing the US political environment, denigrating the Democratic president nominee, and supporting the campaign of Donald J. Trump, whose policies would benefit the Kremlin.”

“In the Trump campaign, Russia found a willing and active partner in this effort… Russian agents trespassed onto the DNC’s computer network in the United States, as well as other email accounts, collected trade secrets and other private data, and then transmitted the data to Defendant WikiLeaks, whose founder, Assange, shared the defendants’ common goal of damaging the Democratic party in advance of the election.” (DNC Lawsuit)

This, of course, is the same sketchy fairytale the Dems have been reiterating for the last year and a half. So far, none of the main allegations have been verified, in fact, to date, there’s not even a reasonable basis for believing that a crime has been committed which means that this massive investigation that has tied up both Houses of Congress and a Special Counsel for more than 18 months doesn’t even meet minimal probable cause requirements. It’s beyond outrageous, it is a criminal misuse of government resources to pursue a political vendetta that serves the exclusive interests of the losing party. That is not the way democracy is supposed to work.

The Dems do not expect to find any incriminating evidence that will tie Trump to Moscow nor is that even the point of the lawsuit. The real objective is to increase public suspicion of Trump thus tainting the party’s leader as an election-rigging foreign collaborator. The Dems believe that their character assassination campaign– which begin prior to the 2016 with the compiling of the nefarious “Trump Dossier– remains their best path to victory in the midterms. The lawsuit is just part of that broader political calculation.

So what is the real motive behind this bogus lawsuit?

It’s obvious, isn’t it? The goal is to poison the minds of the American people against Trump, to persuade the masses that the President is not just a political opponent but a scurrilous traitor who poses a significant threat to national security. The DNC’s below-the-belt tactics have never been “politics as usual”. The Dems are engaged in a ruthless, scorched earth “dirty tricks” campaign designed to annihilate Donald Trump with one unverified slander after the other. This is agenda-driven political warfare at its very worst. The Dems aren’t interested in the truth. What they care about is winning elections, and their treatment of Trump shows that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Whatever one thinks about Trump, (I voted for socialist candidate, Jerry White) the behavior if the Dems is nonetheless despicable.

The lawsuit helps to underscore an important point about the Dems, that is, that the party is no longer perceived to have any core convictions, ideology or beliefs. The corrupt and manipulative party leadership is comprised entirely of ingratiating sycophants who merely march in lockstep with the diktats of their “Big Money” constituents. Meanwhile, the grassroots base is kicked to the curb. The Washington Post recently “outed” the unprincipled Dems in a revealing article titled “A majority says the Democratic Party stands for nothing.” Here’s an excerpt:

“Whatever Trump’s struggles, the poll shows clear risks of Democrats’ opposition to Trump. Some 37 percent say the party currently stands for something, while 52 percent say it mainly stands against Trump. Even among Democrats, over one-quarter say their party primarily stands in opposition to Trump rather than for their own agenda.” (Washington Post)

What a terrible indictment of a party adrift. Like the survey suggests, the Dems stand for nothing, it’s the party of nothing, the Nothing Party. Oh, except for hating Trump, that is. The Dems are quite good at hating Trump, in fact, it has become the cornerstone upon which the entire political apparatus rests.

The Democratic base knows what it wants. The base wants jobs, health care, affordable college tuition, retirement savings and did I mention jobs? This is from NBC News:

“A December 2017 AP poll showed that health care and the economy matter far more to Americans, all things considered. Only 38 percent said “the Russia investigation” was very or extremely important. Compare that to the 85 percent who said the same about health care, 83 percent who gave that rating to the economy and 78 percent who felt that way about taxes.”

Here’s more from an article at the Washington Post:

“The fact that we have spent so much time talking about Russia has been a distraction from what should be the clear contrast between Democrats and the Trump agenda, which is on economics,” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

The Democratic polling firms … found the Comey news and concerns related to Russia are major liabilities for Republicans. But the pollsters found that the health-care issue is a significantly bigger driver of voter behavior. “A key imperative for Democrats and progressive organizations is to bring even greater attention to the health care issue in the weeks and months to come,” the pollsters said in a memo about their numbers….Tamara Draut, vice president of policy and research for Demos, a liberal advocacy organization, said that focusing on pocketbook issues is the only way Democrats will win back working-class voters who defected from the party last year. ….We will win or lose the midterms based on the bread-and-butter kitchen table issues.

Democrats Should Focus More on Jobs, Less on Russia,” progressive writer Robert Borosage urged his compatriots in a column for The Nation back in March. “Democrats are railing about the Russians and the last election, while Trump is talking jobs, law and order, protecting our borders, and health care. We know which of these speak to the challenges Americans face.” (Washington Post)

So its’ clear what the Democratic base wants, just as it is clear that the corrupt, tone-deaf DNC establishment will brush them aside to pursue their own lunatic “Trump collusion” scam. It’s infuriating. The people at the top of this iniquitous pyramid, are completely impervious to the demands of their base. They just don’t give a damn. Which is why they’re probably headed for another big trainwreck in November.

As for the lawsuit, well, the flamboyant Roger Stone put it best in a recent post on his website titled “Why the DNC Lawsuit will Backfire”. Here’s a clip:

“This lawsuit is just the latest among many examples of the Democrats’ unflinching resort to abusing institutions of our government for their cheap partisan chicanery and nefarious scheming. It should come as no surprise to anyone…We now know that some of the highest officials of the Obama regime, as well as intelligence and law enforcement agencies, criminally abused the most sensitive possible national security powers to spy on a major party presidential candidate and his campaign, during and after the election, using a salacious “dossier” they had fabricated in collusion with foreign spooks, paid for by Hillary Clinton herself….

The DNC’s harassment legal action is…just politically-motivated litigation smear campaign by degenerate partisans willing and ready to, yet again, abuse the justice system for their sordid purpose.” (Stone Cold truth, Roger Stone)

Bullseye, Roger, that sums it up perfectly.

Source: The Unz Review

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