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Deep In Russia's Siberia Police Show off Dance Moves to Rival PSY

Russia's autonomous republic of Yakutia

The South Korean rapper PSY has competition.

Police in the Russian Far East put out a music video showing off their dance moves to celebrate the country’s Police Day on Nov. 10.

Their moves replicate the robotic hip-gyration of the Russian dancer Miguel’s popularization of a 2014 trap song called “No Twerk” by the Belgian electronic artist Apashe.

The stone-faced uniformed officers are seen wiggling and forming the letter P for “Police” with their fingers, instead of the letter M in the original.

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“With this gag, the Amginsky district police in the republic of Sakha invited everyone to the Nov. 10 festivities,” the Russian Interior Ministry tweeted on Monday.

The celebrations included a range of dance moves, including “hot tango, brilliant waltz, rousing country, [and] vibrant Bollywood,” according to local media.

Additionally, Lieutenant Ilyas Zarovnyaev was declared winner of “The Sweetest Police Officer” contest, the news website reported Sunday.

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