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December 6th, Finland Mourns Lost Independence Gained 100 Years Ago

The celebration of Finland's 100 years of independence is a giant propaganda hoax.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Finland is supposedly celebrating its 100th year of independence today, but in all earnestness, it’s actually a day of mourning over the loss of an independence gained 100 years ago.

Finland was, all through its known history, some one thousand years, occupied by Sweden. But, with Sweden being on the losing side in the Napoleonic wars, Russia liberated Finland in 1809 and gave it the status of an autonomous Grand duchy, with the Russian Czar as the head of the country but in form of the Grand Duke of Finland. Under the auspices of the liberal rule of the Russian Czars, the Finnish people reclaimed their human rights and their Finnish language was elevated to the status of an official language alongside that of their former Swedish oppressors. Finland received its own currency and all the institutions of a free and independent country started to develop.

In connection with Lenin’s Bolshevik coup d’état in Russia in 1917, Finland proclaimed independence and Lenin’s government yielded without a fight.

From then on, Finland was an independent country until the fateful year of 1994, when the Finnish ruling regime by a constitutional coup put the country under the rule of the European Union of the transatlantic elite.  

The Maiden-Finland is trying to hold on to the Constitution when attacked by the EU hawk

Ever since, it has been downhill, to the point that Finland no longer possesses a single one of the main characteristics that define an independent country.

Today, Finland is not an independent country De Jure nor De Facto, no more so than say, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Murmansk or Khanti-Mansysk.

The fact of a country being independent is determined through a set of basic criteria, which are:

  1. The country possesses and respects a Constitution, which is the highest law of the country.
  • Finland does not do so anymore, as its Constitution has been subordinated to the rules of the faceless and unelected EU Commission by the Treaty of Lisbon.
  1. The country issues its own laws.
  • The elected Finnish representatives do not have any power over the most important aspects of its laws as it must blindly follow the directives issued by the various bureaucracies of the EU.
  1. The country has its own currency.
  • Finland does not after the Euro was deceitfully forced upon it.
  1. The country is ruled by its own popular government.
  • Finland is not, while its president, government and parliament serve as rubber stamps for the EU, and at best act in the capacity of some kind of a regional administrative authority.
  1. An independent country has its own army.
  • Finland does not, as it through yet another constitutional breached handed over the high command of its army and territory to the NATO in a dubious agreement of 2015.
  1. An independent country runs its own foreign and security policies.
  • That’s not the case of Finland as its policies have been totally subjugated to the transatlantist elite, the EU, NATO, CIA and all the other 16 agencies.
  1. An independent country runs its own customs and controls its own borders.
  • Finland does not as its customs rules are set by the EU, and the revenue transferred over there, too. And, Finland is forced to accept any number of immigrants or so-called refugees that the EU allocates for Finland.

Now, they are even destroying the country's moral and social traditions, with its religion, the Lutheran state church, being on the forefront of its own destruction. (The Finnish Lutheran Church engaged this year in a massive propaganda operation in support of Al-Qaeda and other US proxy terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo. As the Syrian forces were closing in on the terrorists with the support of the Russian air force the Finnish Church ordered the churches through the country to toll the bells every day in solidarity with the embattled terrorists).

So, what we are now experiencing with Finland celebrating “100 years of independence” is nothing but a giant and deliberate propaganda hoax, for the purpose of throwing a heavy blanket of wool over the sheeple, who are called to support the elite who destroy by each year more and more bits and pieces of what little remains of the nation-state.

Therefore, please, do not congratulate a Finn on the independence, rather send your condolences, or as they do in America, pray for the deceased.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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