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Dear Israel: 'If You Won't Speak to Lavrov, You'll Speak to Shoigu', Russia's #1 Anchor (Dmitry Kiselyov)

"The Russian government found Israel's excuses insincere and unconvincing."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Another great one liner from Kiselyov. This is the reason he is the most popular journalist in Russia.


Last Monday, President Putin informed his Syrian colleague, Bashar Al-Assad, over the phone about his decision to supply the S-300 air defense systems to Syria. The decision was made after our reconnaissance aircraft was shot down over the Mediterranean Sea on September 17th.

Russia placed the blame for the tragedy on Israel. The Russian government found Israel's excuses insincere and unconvincing, claiming that Israel's actions were in conflict with the level of trust and cooperation that existed between the two countries up until the Il-20 tragedy. The new measures taken by Russia will create a protective umbrella over Syria.

Dmitry Kiselyov

This situation reminds me of an old joke: "If you don't want to talk to Lavrov, you'll to have to speak to Shoigu."

It's no secret that Shoigu speaks in a military tone of voice.

Here it is. He even broke it down for everyone to understand.

Sergey Shoigu, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation:

“Firstly, the Syrian Armed Forces will be supplied with the advanced S-300 air defense missile system within two weeks. It is capable of intercepting air threats at a range of more than 150 miles while simultaneously hitting several aerial targets.

Secondly, the command centers of Syrian troops and military air defense units will be equipped with automatic control systems, which have so far only been supplied to the Russian Armed Forces. Most importantly, it will ensure the identification of all Russian aircraft by the Syrian air defense forces.

Thirdly, in the regions over the waters of the Mediterranean Sea bordering Syria, Russia will jam the satellite navigation, onboard radar, and communication systems of combat aircraft which attack targets on Syrian territory.

We are convinced that these measures will calm down some hotheads and keep them from committing careless actions which pose a threat to our servicemen. Otherwise, we will have to respond in line with the current situation.”

As for Israel, it's having mixed feelings. In the heat of the moment, some say they'll find a way to suppress the Russian air defense systems and continue airstrikes against Syria.

Others are asking themselves: Is it worth radically changing the tone of Israel's relationship with Russia?

There are even those who are thanking Russia for the lesson. Take an article by Gideon Levy, a famous journalist, published in Haaretz, one of the most respected newspapers in Israel, for example.

“Thank you, Mother Russia, for setting limits on a child whom no one has restrained for a long time. Russia has outlined for the world a way to treat Israel, using the only language Israel understands.”

Amid such statements, the idea of setting up a state committee that would decide whether conducting further airstrikes against Syria is appropriate is being voiced louder.

Well, hopefully, it works.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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