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DC Journalists Got Cash to Spread Trump Russian Pee-Pee Story (Fusion GPS)

This is just getting worse and worse for Hillary, the DNC, and the legacy media - they are headed for a bruising few months.

Already back in July, a highly credible source, Thor Halvorssen, a Venezuelan human rights activist, explained to Tucker Carlson that Fusion GPS, the PR group hired by the Clinton campaign to produce and spread the salacious 'Trump dossier', involving prostitutes urinating in Moscow hotel rooms, had an ugly history of using similar smear tactics at the behest of criminal clients.

<figcaption>Halvorssen appearing on Carlson's show in late July</figcaption>
Halvorssen appearing on Carlson's show in late July

Watch Halvorssen explain it back then. It is damning:

Last night, Halvorssen was on again, explaining that the latest revelations that Fusion GPS was spreading cash around to journalists to plant stories about the dossier, fits their standard MO to a tee.  He explains that vicious smearing is Fusion GPS's stock in trade, their bread and butter: 'They get paid to smear people'.

Have a listen, starts at 9.04:

The names of the journalists who were paid has not been released yet, but it will be. That will be a great day in American journalism. We can't wait.

Trump is going to use these latest revelations to maximum effect in the midterms - running as he did last time against the wild corruption and bias in the media, the Washington swamp, and the Republican establishment which is sabotaging his agenda.

My bet is that he will be successful, as he was in 2016. If he is lucky enough for the market to crash before then, he will do even better - blaming the rot in Washington for that too.

There is still a lot of juice in the Trump's populist strategy, with plenty more to come.

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