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Ukrainian Politicians Gloat Over Murder of Oles Buzina

The murder of opposition journalist Oles Buzina has become a reason for some nationalist politicians to splash out their malevolence

April 17, (Sputnik) - Ukrainian journalist and publicist Oles Buzina was shot dead by two masked gunmen near his house in Kiev on Thursday.

Soon after his death, a member of the nationalist “Svoboda” party and a former Verkhovna Rada lawmaker Iryna Farion, notorious for her radical views, described the late author as a “degenerate” and a “devilish creation” and sent him down the “history’s sewers” on her Facebook page.

"Degenerate Buzina was killed. Perhaps this impudent death will somehow neutralize the dirt this [word expelled] had spilled. Such ones are not talked round. Such ones come to the earth for us to clean ourselves of mental slit and create a spiritual vertical. Such ones go to the history's sewers. Their surnames are deantroponymized in course of time. Although in this case the deantroponymization was in the very beginning. Buzina was a devilish creation. Gloom on him and nonexistence," the Candidate of Philological Sciences wrote.

In his turn, Verkhovna Rada member, “Radical Party” leader and former presidential candidate Oleh Lyashko said that Buzina had led a “bastard” life. He added that the “regional flash-mob” continues referring to the recent murder of former “Party of Regions” member Oleh Kalashnikov and a string of unexpected suicides of his party colleagues, described by some as forced ones.

"Another poet died, heartburn finished him (c). The regional flash mob goes on. In what a bastard way one had to live so that their death triggered no drop of compassion," the lawmaker's post reads.

Oles Buzina supported Ukraine’s sovereignty, the idea of trinity of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian nations and did not share the “ideals” of either the “Orange revolution” in 2004-2005 or the Euromaidan in February 2014. He condemned the glorification of Nazism.

Oles Buzina
Oles Buzina

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