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Aleppo Residents Thank Russian Sappers For Removing Bombs Left Behind by CIA's ‘Moderate’ Rebels

Dancing and flowers for Russian sappers as they complete their mission in Aleppo. You will never see this footage on a western television screen

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Good news, Twitter: Your "prayers" have been answered. Aleppo is now free of mines and unexploded ordinance left behind by the knitting clubs funded by Saudi Arabia and the CIA.

Yes, while waterfalls of crocodile tears were pouring from every corner of the neoliberal Twitter-sphere, Russia was actually on the ground in Aleppo, helping civilians rebuild their lives which were nearly destroyed by Washington's "moderate" rebels.

<figcaption>While Twitter "prayed" for Aleppo, Russia actually helped. </figcaption>
While Twitter "prayed" for Aleppo, Russia actually helped.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that since the liberation of Aleppo (sorry, "fall" of Aleppo — right?) Russian sappers have demined around 2,000 hectares of land, 680 km of urban roads and approximately 3,300 buildings inside the city.

Why aren't they saving Aleppo, on Twitter?
Why aren't they saving Aleppo, on Twitter?

Their incredible efforts were immediately felt. The Russian sappers arrived in Aleppo in late December. Within weeks, signs of normalcy had returned to the war-torn city:

And now it seems that sappers' work there is done.

Something you will never, ever see on a western television:

If you missed it, here is a truly superb 20-minute video about the Russian military police who were protecting the sappers during their mission in Aleppo:

Keep praying on Twitter, America. It's probably the least-destructive thing you are capable of doing.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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