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The Daily Treason of the Russian Comprador Elites

OK, so Abramovich is an Israeli agent. At least he doesn't head a state-owned bank

So Roman Abramovich has become an Israeli citizen, a month after the Britbongs gave him the finger.

Since every second UHNWI in Russia is considering a second passport, how exactly is this supposed to be interesting or surprising?

<figcaption>Abramovich's one billion dollars yacht</figcaption>
Abramovich's one billion dollars yacht

Anybody who hasn’t been under a rock for the past two decades – which excludes most Putin personality cultists, who believe that he is (eternally) on the verge of finally liquidating the Atlanticist fifth column – knows that relations between the Kremlin and Abramovich are in fact splendid. Indeed, even in the pro-Putin eponymous book by Hutchins and Korobko, Abramovich is named as a personal banker to the Kremlin, and almost as close to them as the Rotenbergs.

But let me for a moment defend Abramovich. At least he doesn’t run any state-owned corporations.

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Unlike, say, this very… well fed fellow:

Andrey Kostin is the CEO of state-owned VTB bank, the second largest bank in Russia after Sberbank. Here he was recently commiserating about the sanctions the US has imposed on him:

I love skiing in Colorado, now I can no longer do this. This is very sad, there is great snow in Colorado, wonderful mountains, the people are very nice and friendly… Of course I will miss New York, I love this city.

These sanctions were imposed in spite of his very intensive effort to avoid them:

… The head of VTB Andrey Kostin arrived in Washington D.C. two years ago to urge the US to remove sanctions against the bank. Echo of Moscow accidentally learned of this visit from an indignant American official. In closed meetings with Congressmen and US administration staff, the head of VTB argued that the bank is independent of the Kremlin, conducts business in the Ukraine and helps the economy of that country, and consequently the United States should stop sanctioning it. Kostin’s tales didn’t impress anyone, and consequently, he fell under personal sanctions this year.

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If there is a better metaphor for the incompetence and daily treason of the Russian comprador regime I have yet to encounter it.

  1. Beg the Washington Obkom to lift sanctions against your bank because you’re actually a good guy who’s helping out democratic Ukraine – an avowed enemy of the Russian people.
  2. Washington Obkom laughs, refuses, punishes you further to drive the point in.
  3. Openly whine about THE UNFAIRNESS OF IT ALL in the safe and secure knowledge that your job isn’t under threat because you’re smart enough to avoid criticizing the Kremlin.

In the wonderful Russia of the future (to borrow Navalny’s) term, in the Russian National State, both Abramovich and Kostin will get generously subsidized trips to enjoy the wonderful mountains and great snow of Magadan oblast.

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