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CUTE: Sweden Distributes 4.7 Million Leaflets on 'How to Prepare for War With Russia'

Does this mean Sweden is preparing invade Russia again, since Moscow has no intention of striking Sweden?

Yahoo! News Reports:

Sweden is reportedly preparing to issue a public information manual on the best way to deal with the prospect of war, as talk rages over an apparent rise in the rest from Russia. 

The brochure, which will be sent to 4.7 million households, will tell the public how they can take part in 'total defence' during a war and secure food, water and heating." It is titled 'If Crisis or War Comes' and will also provide expert guidance on the best way to deal with threats from cyber attacks, climate change and terrorism. 

The brochures comes after Russia's annexation of Crimea and continued support for Ukrainian separatists, which has sparked deep concerns within Sweden. 

Comment: Sweden should've been 'deeply concerned' with the West's support for Ukraine's violent revolution - after all, that's why Crimea voted to be annexed by Russia and why there are 'Ukrainian separatists' in the first place. But that wouldn't really fit the narrative of 'Western innocence' vs 'Russian aggression,' would it? 

Despite being traditionally neutral, the country has reportedly begun to reverse deep-seated post war defence cuts, and discussions have began over whether to join Nato after Russian planes and submarines entered Swedish territory. 

As well as holding 'War Games' which involved 19,000 Swedish personnel, 2017 saw Sweden reintroducing conscription. 'All of society needs to be prepared for conflict, not just the military. We haven't been using words such as total defence or high alert for 25-30 years or more. So the knowledge among citizens is very low', claimed Christina Andersson, the leader of the project at the Swedish civil contingencies agency.

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More on the background of this pamphlet:

Sweden first issued an advisory pamphlet on how to cope with the outbreak of war in the 1940s. The pamphlet was delivered to every Swedish household, telling them how to prepare for and act in a national crisis. Of course, in 1991 when the Cold War ended, the leaflet was discontinued. 

But after 30 years where the pamphlet fell into redundancy, the Swedish government has decided to resurrect it. 

Sweden is now reissuing the pamphlet-named Om kriget kommer (If War Comes)-to every household in Sweden during the country's Emergency Preparedness Week in the end of May this year. It will be delivered to some 4.7 million Swedish households.
Source: SOTT

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