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You(Tube) Will Not Replace Us!

Over the last few days, I have been watching YouTube burn. Friends and colleagues have had their channels, large and small, deleted, many of them without warning or any pretense of fairness, rules, process, or appeal. It is Leftist corporate tyranny at its ugliest and least accountable.

The first wave of this new campaign was in June. That is when CounterCurrentsTV got the axe. But now the censorship is escalating.

The golden age of YouTube is over. A couple of years ago, YouTube decided that to sell more ads, they needed to get people to watch more videos. To get people to watch more videos, they created a recommendation algorithm that would nudge people outside their ruts and comfort zones, by suggesting videos that were adjacent to but somewhat different from their established preferences.

Sure enough, people started watching more videos, and as they broadened their intellectual horizons, they came into contact with White Nationalist, National Populist, and Identitarian videos. And if people started out with such preferences, YouTube would serve them more centrist content.

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In short, YouTube had found a way to make more money while broadening their viewers’ horizons, turning YouTube into a feast for the mind.

This was especially a boon for white identity politics, for the simple reason that in any fair debate, we beat the multiculturalists, globalists, and anti-whites. Thus in recent years, people on the Dissident Right were able to build up large, influential, and profitable YouTube channels.

We have to keep this in context. YouTube content, like the culture at large, is overwhelmingly centrist (center-Right, center-Left), and like most tech corporations, YouTube has a strongly Left-wing bias. Moreover, YouTube’s algorithm also worked to broaden the horizons of people on the Dissident Right.

But the Dissident Right was growing, meaning that we were winning arguments and changing minds, and the rest of the political spectrum was unable to reverse the process. When Leftists lose arguments to Rightists, the losers label this outcome “radicalization” — as if there is no such thing as the radical Left, as if Leftists are totally not trying to radicalize people in their direction, as if the Left were still not dragging practically the whole world into the abyss. Thus when Leftists bemoan “radicalization,” it is another inherently biased term, a tool of cheap emotional manipulation, not an attempt to identify reality.

For instance, in a study called “Auditing Radicalization Pathways on YouTube,” Manoel Horta Ribeiro, Raphael Ottoni, Robert West, Virgílio A. F. Almeida, and Wagner Meira, analzed 79 million comments on 331,849 videos on 360 channels classified as Alt Right, Alt Lite, and Intellectual Dark Web. They discovered that commenters migrated from IDW and Alt-Lite channels toward explicit white identity politics.

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That’s only to be expected, because we have the better arguments, and most of the civic nationalists are cringy, uncool, and obviously dishonest.

Beyond that, the Intellectual Dark Web, like “National Conservatism,” was hatched as a Jewish gatekeeping operation, to keep populist dissent in the civic nationalist corral. Alt Lite figures like Gavin McInnes were dedicated gatekeepers as well. But despite their desire to be gatekeepers, they ended up being gateways to White Nationalism. Thanks, guys.

So even though the Left has all the leading institutions of our society pulling for it, and the mainstream Right exists solely to provide a token resistance to the Left before surrendering, the Dissident Right was still expanding on YouTube, as it is throughout the culture.

Naturally, this alarmed the promoters of multiculturalism and white genocide/the Great Replacement. So they told YouTube to “shut it down.” And that’s exactly what they are doing.

So what do we do?

James Allsup
1. If you are still on YouTube, back up all your work, because it could be deleted any moment.

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2. If your channel is deleted, appeal it. It might work. It worked for VDareTV and Black Pigeon Speaks, for instance. If you luck out, though, simply consider it a stay of execution. Use it as an opportunity to back everything up and then prepare to . . .

3. Leave YouTube and watch it burn. It was never realistic to think that we could overthrow the most evil system in human history on a platform owned by the most evil corporation in human history, and be able to make money off it at the same time.

White genocide is real. The Great Replacement is real. That means that at the core of the anti-white system are people who are morally equivalent to Genghis Khan, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and the like. We were never going to defeat them from the comfort of our own bedrooms. They see us as an increasingly serious threat. They are going to do everything they can to shut us down. If they want us all dead, logically they are willing to inflict all lesser forms of discomfort on us as well. YouTube was enormously useful to us, but it is owned by them, so of course they are banning our channels.

Fortunately, they can’t get us off the world wide web without shutting the whole thing down. And they can’t shut it down, because their own global system depends on it.

And even if they could get us off the web entirely, they are still going to lose, because the main force driving the rise of white identity politics and National Populism is the failure of globalization and multiculturalism. As long as the establishment keeps doubling down on globalization, degeneracy, and anti-white hate, they are going to drive more people in our direction — even if we are not around to help deepen their consciousness and suggest workable and morally defensible solutions.

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And we will always find some way to hang on to some spaces online, so eventually we are going to win. Censorship and deplatforming will only slow us down. They will never defeat us.

By getting off YouTube, I don’t mean delete your account. Let them do that for you. After all, they might give you cause to  . . .

4. Sue the bastards. YouTube’s behavior is probably illegal in many jurisdictions. Suing is difficult and expensive for individuals, of course. But eventually, the movement will attract the money and skills to have our own public interest law firm. Politicians, journalists, and corporate types constantly break the law. And someday we will have our own institutions with large staffs and budgets dedicated to ferreting out the wrongs done to us, suing the malefactors, and profiting handsomely. We are not there yet, but someday we will be.

By leaving YouTube, I mean divesting yourself of if: emotionally, financially, and as a content creator. You should no longer depend entirely on YouTube or any other platform that you do not own. Therefore, you must . . .

5. Build your own platforms. Counter-Currents has been deplatformed from Paypal, Stripe, iTunes, Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube. I have personally been deplatformed from Paypal and Facebook. I was banned from commenting at TakimagVNN ForumRadix, and, to spare the feelings of their editors.

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But nobody has deplatformed me from Counter-Currents because I own it.

There are, of course, ways to attack platforms that you own. So far, though, every one of them has been tried on The Daily Stormer, and they are still online. Counter-Currents lost our webhosting company in the aftermath of Charlottesville, but we easily found another service and were not down a single day. None of the people who have been bounced from YouTube are as big a target as the Stormer, and if they have survived, you will survive as well.

Don’t get a site hosted by WordPress, Blogspot, or similar companies, unless you want to go the way of Heartiste. Reserve your own domain name and find your own hosting company. You can use WordPress software without being hosted on the WordPress platform. You don’t have to host your own videos. There are platforms to do that, and you will probably have to change them from time to time.

The main benefit of owning your own platform is psychological. It is liberating to have a place where you determine the rules. The most harmful thing about YouTube is not the outright cancellation of channels. It is the uncertainty of living under the tyranny of arbitrary censors, which leads some to self-censorship and outright paralysis. Another factor is that social media platforms like YouTube are designed to be literally addictive. It is psychological torture to be addicted to something that can arbitrarily be shut off. But you can end the anxiety and self-censorship immediately by resolving to build your own platform.

Yes, in the short run, you will lose traffic. But in the not too distant future, all of your YouTube traffic will be gone anyway, and then the only question will be whether you have already built your own platform or not. It is better to build it now, while you can still direct your YouTube subscribers to your own site.

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6. Put your videos on Bitchute. We need a new vlogging platform that is monetizable and committed to freedom of speech. In the meantime, there’s Bitchute. YouTube is a natural monopoly because unless other platforms have millions of users, there is no reason for people to join them.

But if all the Dissident Right YouTubers who have been banned, or who are in danger of being banned, move at the same time to Bitchute, it might actually bring enough regular viewers over from YouTube to make Bitchute more viable.

Of course, it is tempting to stay on YouTube as long a possible, because in the short run, you will enjoy more views. If you move to Bitchute, your views will decline dramatically, at least at first. But white people think long term. We think ahead to the coming winter. Winter is coming for white advocacy, especially at YouTube. So in the long run, it makes sense to sacrifice views today if we can build Bitchute into a vibrant alternative platform that may be around for us in years to come.

Oh, and quit Twitter while you’re at it, and move to Gab.

We also need to have faith in our message. There are forces more powerful than Google algorithms driving people to our ideas. Again: The failures of multiculturalism and globalization are the primary reasons people are increasingly receptive to white identity politics. So as long as we are patient and have the foresight to secure our places online, they will find us.

For a list of people who have already moved to Bitchute, see Morgoth’s article “The Exodus to Bitchute.”

7. Promote freedom of speech and regulation of censorious tech giants. These are now the two most important political issues for the Dissident Right. We all need to give them at least some of our time and effort. Again, censorship will not defeat us, but it will slow us down. It will delay the day of victory. And every day victory is delayed is measured in white lives: whites who will die and whites who will never be born because of the Great Replacement. Thus every minute you spend fighting censorship and promoting freedom will save lives.

My essay “Freedom of Speech” is a contribution to this debate. Please read it, and let me know how my arguments can be improved.

8. Calm the tards. There are basically two ways to solve problems: through reason or through force. We can talk it out — or we can fight it out. Censorship prevents us from solving our problems rationally. Making reasoned debate impossible makes force inevitable. Thus censorship, like multiculturalism, is an inherently violent ideology. As John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

But the last thing that we need is a White Nationalist version of Nasim Aghdam going on a shooting spree, because such crimes are always used to gin up a moral panic to further censor and deplatform white advocates, which further delays our triumph, a delay that must ultimately be measured in terms of the loss of white lives.

Our movement must have zero tolerance for advocates of violence. When we encounter people making credible threats of violence, we need to turn them in. If you see a credible threat and do nothing, chances are you’ll end up talking to the police anyway, but it will be after a preventable disaster rather than before one. For more on this, see my essay “Against White Nationalist Terrorism.”

9. Conspire together for a better world. A couple of years ago, I came to a rather sobering realization. As fond as I am of writing books and crafting arguments, I concluded that the most important thing I could do with my life is to help create a censorship-free, monetizable alternative to YouTube. And I don’t even like videos.

Such a site should be structured like YouTube used to be: to constantly expand people’s intellectual horizons. Such a platform could be curated to foster a cultural and political renaissance. And it would be good for the Dissident Right, because we win every fair and open debate. An additional benefit would be to stick a knife in the guts of the world’s most evil corporation, and twist it a few times.

I’ve slowly been putting together a vision and the necessary pieces to bring this project about. But you can’t do much without a consensus that an alternative is needed. If something isn’t broken, you don’t fix it. Such projects remain pipedreams without the requisite sense of urgency. But now YouTube is forcing our hand.

You(Tube) Will Not Replace Us.

We will replace YouTube.

NOTE: Counter-Currents is again able to take monthly donations and donations from outside the US. 

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