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Wow, Russia's Top Foreign Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova Dancing the 'Kalinka'! (Video)

Your move, Kerry

This article from our archives was first published on RI in May 2016

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The inimitable foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova dances one of Russia's best known folk songs, which is often played in American ice hockey arenas, of all places.

She broke into dance today at the Russia - ASEAN conference in Sochi, Russia.  ASEAN stands for "Association of Southeast Asian Nations."

<figcaption>Brilliant diplomacy</figcaption>
Brilliant diplomacy

Here are the words:

Little red berry,[2] red berry, red berry of mine!
In the garden (there is) a berry - little raspberry, raspberry of mine!

Ah, under the pine, the green one,
Lay me down to sleep,
Oh-swing, sway, Oh-swing, sway,
Lay me down to sleep.

OK, Kirby, how about a little Jack Rabbit Slim?

Serious charisma

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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