When Art Truly Belongs to the People: Direct Transmissions From the Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre

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Vladimir Lenin once said, that art belongs to the people. And modern Russia, currently experiencing a huge cultural and spiritual revival and surge in national self-esteem, has taken his advice. There are numerous possibilities for people in Russia to enrich themselves intellectually and culturally, and I’d like to mention one of them.

The beautiful Bolshoi

The Moscow Bolshoi Theater came up with the wonderful idea of transmitting opera and ballet directly from the stage of the theatre onto a huge screen, placed on the facade of the marvelous building in the very center of the Russian capital. Entry is free and you may enjoy the very finest Russian culture has to offer you at the Teatralnaya Square without having to go crazy deciding whether a black tie or rather a necktie is more appropriate for a visit to a theatre.

The shows started on July 1st and 2nd with the performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera “The Tsar’s Bride”. On the 8th and 9th you may attend the ballet “Jeweleries” by Balanchine with different cast members on each day. The transmission starts at 19:00.

During the day various things are shown on the screen, from music-related advertisments to musical scenes from classical and even popular music. 

According to the Bolshoi Theatre, this project is carried out with the support of the group “Summa” and the Department of Culture of Moscow on the behalf of the 5th anniversary of finishing the restoration of the Bolshoi Theater’s facade.

Have a nice and cultural weekend!


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