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Top Russian Anchor Contrasts Healthy Russian Values to Increasingly Sick Western Liberalism (Kiselyov)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Western media and academics have been pushing ever more outlandish behaviors: feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism. And now, a Swedish professor is arguing for cannibalism! You see, eating human flesh could be good for the environment.

Are these the sorts of "rights" that people are willing to fight for?


It's always pleasant to observe the ever-changing modern thought. The liberal movement, the one that was called "depleted" by Putin, isn't losing its position and is going onward and upward. One of these days, an important addition from Sweden was made to the bank of liberal thought.

Let us remind you that it includes same-sex marriage, obligatory gay pride parades, an absolute right for absolute protests without any liabilities even towards associates, intolerance to different opinions and contempt for the state, as it is. It's when they ask the West to impose sanctions against Russia, and they fly to the US with the lists of persons to be punished here. It's when they're ashamed of national traditions, and the motherland is where they feel most comfy. It's when a blogger, Sinitsa, threatens law enforcement authorities with kidnapping and sending snuff videos to parents where their kids are the victims. And the liberal community rather expresses its solidarity with it than reproves it.

And here's something fresh, although questionable. Think as you want. A call for cannibalism came from Sweden, the acknowledged flagship of global liberalism. Not in a metaphorical sense, but a literal one. At the Gastro Summit in Sweden, including human flesh into our ration was suggested by Magnus Soderlund, a 56-year-old professor of the Stockholm School of Economics. He's now a wanted guest on television. According to Professor Soderlund, conservative taboos against cannibalism could change over time if people simply tried eating human flesh. The professor hasn't asked yet for anyone to be killed. He only asks to cook the human flesh of those who have just died. When asked if he personally would try human flesh, Soderlund replied affirmatively.

Professor Soderlund: "I feel somewhat hesitant but to not appear overly conservative… I’d have to say….I’d be open to at least tasting it."

Of course, the liberal Swedish professor doesn't want to look like a crude cannibal. On the contrary, he builds the image of a sophisticated environmentalist for himself. He says that beef production affects the climate too much and makes global warming worse. Since farting cows and bulls produce too much gas, that's bad for the atmosphere, and too much manure. Human meat is much more Eco-friendly in that sense. And there's no need to grow it. It's already here. We only need to use it. Professor Soderlund also generously takes care of mankind's food stability. There're so many starving people in the world.

In other words, this very liberal economic model hasn't managed to solve the problem of escalating inequality in the first place. When the poor become poorer, the rich become-richer. And as a next step, the liberal model suggests that the poor eat each other.

The professor himself is ready to only taste it, to set an example for others. For Africans, to be exact. It's the poorest continent, after all. Lift the conservative taboos and let them eat each other. And food stability, as the professor puts it, will be granted, with the moral liability lifted. And the Swedish climate will become chilly, as usual.

Actually, there's a logic in promoting liberal thought. Up until now, its evolution walked the way of emancipation of the body, and even the mind and morality's submission to all sorts of base instincts. They say, why limit freedom? The rights of a man, emancipated that way, turned out to be protected so strong, that society itself was left unprotected from him. For a man, with all his evils, is above all. The idea of "sin" is wiped off in liberalism. The evils are announced as virtues. And here you go, your dinner's served. A piece of nose for you; a crunchy ear gristle; maybe a baked female breast. Or gnaw some human ribs right off the grill. It kind of matches the trends in cuisine. Eating all that, you also generously solve mankind's food stability problem and guard the planet from global warming. Be conscious, eat each other.

Joking aside, we've gotten into a mess. Under the guise of progress, we are offered to degrade, already becoming like savages. Our viewers may remember a wild barbarian from those who are called "the Syrian opposition" in the West. Having killed a Syrian Armed Forces soldier, he, by medieval tradition, ripped the enemy's chest open, took out the heart, as everyone understood, and bit into it.

At the time, no one could believe it right away. Everyone even rushed to check if it was fake. It turned out to be real. First, the cannibal in this picture was identified by his brother, who said it was Abu Sakkar, a commander of an Omar Al-Farooq's brigade. Then, Abu Sakkar himself confirmed doing it in a Skype interview with The Times. He added, though, it was a lung, not the heart. What's the difference anyway? Cannibalism is cannibalism. Maybe the Stockholm School of Economics professor Magnus Soderlund is somewhat close to the cannibal Abu Sakkar? Why not? That kind of people was always considered in the West to be fighters for freedom, and since this one is also a cannibal, he's quite forward-minded. He solves the food stability problem and is also an environmentalist.

If so, two African dictators of the mid-to-late twentieth century are quite trendy in that sense. The presidents of Uganda and the Central African Republic, Idi Amin and Jean-Bédel Bokassa. Both are famous for cannibalism. Besides, they were open about their culinary tastes. Henry Kyemba, a minister that escaped from Idi Amin, wrote a book about him. With his own ears, he heard from his president: "I've eaten human meat. It's very salty, even saltier than leopard meat." As for Bokassa, his reputation was confirmed in a book, "Health and Power", by Yevgeniy Chazov, a leading doctor during the Brezhnev era. When Bokassa, who suffered from gastroenterological problems, came to the USSR for treatment, then…

Yevgeniy Chazov, "Health and Power": "He brought along his servant and cook, who took his usual food. To my surprise, it was some little snakes, animals, like lizards, dirty meat of uncertain origins."

Chazov was a delicate man, but he insisted that there should be nothing like that in his hospital. He insistently asked them to throw everything away and prescribed a fixed diet for Bokassa. That's how he managed to heal the exotic patient. It should be noted that human meat might not be so healthy. Anyway, the dethroned Bokassa was later tried in the Central African Republic for cannibalism. There were witnesses in the court, whose relatives or friends were eaten. In the 21st century, in 2010, on the occasion of the CAR's 50th-anniversary celebrations, Bokassa was ritually rehabilitated. The dictator, murderer, and cannibal turned into a great builder.

Let's return to professor Soderlund, who calls us back to the wild times under the guise of a liberal breakthrough. Of course, even up until now, there's news about cannibalism from far corners of the planet, which civilization has not yet reached. But making cannibalism a modern norm, and even pass it off as a lifeline for mankind, is too much.

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I realize that Sweden will see us as ignorant conservatives, but we'll somehow bear it as well. And they... They may even eat each other if they want.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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