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Sochi Welcomes 20,000 International Guests For Massive Youth Festival

Russia will yet again host the World Youth Festival in its southern, Cossack lands

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In this report by Russian TV news, they delve into the world youth festival hosted in the beautiful resort city of Sochi.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because it hosted the Olympics back in the days when the West didn't completely demonize Russia in every way possible. Who are we kidding...they always demonized Russia.

Sochi is in Krasnodar Krai, in the Kuban region of Russia, home to some of her fiercest Cossacks who will be patrolling the streets of this major, colorful event, which attracts tens of thousands of young people from around the world. So much to do, so much to see, check it out!


Next week, the World Festival of Youth and Students will take place in Sochi. The city is already taking in its first participants whose number will exceed 20,000.

They are young people from more 150 countries. The festival will get help from 5,000 volunteers. Anna Sorokina will tell us about their job.

Aleksey Chenskikh demonstrates the treasure of a volunteer — pins and coins with the festival emblem. To get them, he had to reach out to collectors.

They are souvenirs from the World Youth Festival that was twice hosted by the Soviet Union. To participate in the third one, Aleksey flew to Sochi from Sakhalin.

Aleksey Chenskikh, Festival Volunteer:

"When I was leaving, everybody wished me luck. It's really cool. It's a lot of new friends. New connections, new people, new emotions, new memories".


5,000 Russian and foreign volunteers are going to work at the festival. In several days, Sochi will start meeting festival participants.

There will be 20,000 of them — representatives of 150 countries.

Vlada Sainchuk from the Sochi State University is talking to her festival colleagues.  Some of them she knows in person from the youth projects they worked together on.

Vlada Sainchuk, Festival Participant:

"Once we reboot inside, we'll decide on a global development strategy for the student movement in our city and in our country".


Sochi is busy with the preparations, just like before the Olympics. A stage in the Olympic park is prepared for this major event. Almost 300 flags are fluttering in the wind. They can be seen from all over the city.

The resort city is ready to accommodate 35,000 people. All hotels have received safety certificates.

The emergency services — medics and police officers — are also ready for the big event.

The territory of the festival is patrolled by the police and Cossacks who are not just ensuring safety, but can also explain country's history.

Vladislav Lavrinenko, Cossack:

"People come over and ask questions. So we explain who the Cossacks are. Of course, they also take pictures".


The youth festival in Sochi got a big and beautiful site. The festival participants will be able to explore the grand Olympic park on more than a thousand bicycles which are free for rent.

People will be able to locate a free ride through a mobile app, and then leave it anywhere in the Olympic park.

There is a lot to see — the Olympic facilities, the Fisht football stadium which is waiting for the World Cup, the colorful fountain around the Olympic torch which in the evening shines with every color of the rainbow.

Popular touristic routes are also ready for the visitors — Sochi Park with its amusement rides where there's always a chance to have fun, tea houses that offer the northern most tea in the world and, of course, the ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana.

The festival participants will be able to see film screenings, the International Jazz Festival, the Youth Film Forum and a computer game tournament.

Also, October promises to be warm this year, which means the guests will also get a chance to swim in the sea.

Anna Sorokina, Aleksey Logvinov, Valery Piatov, Mikhail Kirtoki, Anna Nekoz. Vesti from Sochi.

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