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Russian "Psychological Ballet" in Close-Up

Incredible photographs of beautiful dancing

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This article originally appeared at Russia Beyond the Headlines

The Eifman Ballet is to present its jazz premiere “Up & Down” on its upcoming tour of the U.S . Dedicated to the temptations of wealth and the high life, the ballet explores the ill-starred fortunes of a young couple on the French Riviera.

The company will also perform its 2011 ballet about the French sculptor Rodin on the tour, which starts on April 28 and will last until June.

The St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet will shortly commence a tour of the United States lasting till June.

Eifman, who has defined his style as “psychological ballet,” is known for choosing unconventional themes for his works. He has created ballet based on Tolstoy novels, the poems of Pushkin, plays by Shakespeare and Molière and Rodin's sculptures.

Boris Eifman was born in the Altai Territory in Siberia in 1946 and graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory.

In 1977 he founded the Leningrad Ballet Ensemble, which later became known as the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet.

For over three decades, the choreographer has staged works in his distinctive bold, emotion-driven style.

Eifman’s unorthodox selections of themes and music for his ballets along with the body movements of his dancers has earned him the reputation of “a choreographic dissident.”

Residents of Chicago, New York and Costa Mesa, California will be able to see Up & Down in May. Set to music by George Gershwin, Franz Schubert, and Austrian composer Alban Berg, its title captures the whole story: the ascent of the female lead and the rapid descent of her partner.

Kicking off with a performance in Minneapolis on April 28, the company will perform in seven cities, presenting a 2011 ballet about the French sculptor Rodin as well as the company’s jazz premiere, Up & Down, which premiered in St. Petersburg in January.

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