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Russian Folk Music Renaissance from a Talented Youth Group - Moscow Concert May 11

They're having an event in Moscow on May 11

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WHO: «Pod Oblakami» is a group of talented youngsters with different backgrounds who love and perform ancient Russian songs collected from the Russian countryside. «Best young band» winner on Russian World Music Awards 2018. Organizer of the first educative project «Pod Oblakami FOLK CAMP. Russian North 2019». «Pod Oblakami» includes folklore professionals (ethnological musicologists, art historians) and people with different occupation who have a delicate taste for traditional music

WHATConcert and presentation of the first music album containing ancient songs of Belgorod region by folk ensemble «Pod Oblakami».

WHERE: Meyerhold Center, Novoslobodskaya St, 23, Moscow, 127055

WHEN: Sat/11 MAY/2019/7 PM

What Exactly Do They Do: Pod Oblakami» collects, studies and performs old Russian songs. They are engaged in restoring the tradition of the Belgorod region and its certain districts with a wonderful singing culture. Within the framework of this idea they “return” songs to those villages from where they were recorded before (and forgotten after all) and spread them among young generation.


Three years in a row, “Pod Oblakami” had been taking part in the project “Obscheye Delo - the restoration of wooden churches of the Russian North”, where it traveled to numerous villages in the Onega and Pinega districts of the Arkhangelsk region with concerts, workshops and interactive programs for local people. This experience resulted in a birth of the unique project - “POD OBLAKAMI FOLK CAMP. Russian North 2019”, in which 30 participants will live in the old northern huts and dive into the Russian traditional culture under the strict guidance of «Pod Oblakami» members.

Before launching the project, the band prepared a debut musical album, most of the songs of which were independently recorded and studied during expeditions to the countryside of Belgorod region. The concert program consists of several thematic blocks reflecting certain aspects of Russian life.

WHY: The SONG has been one of the main components of Russian culture. Due to different circumstances, folk music ceased to be passed on from generation to generation. As a result, the singing tradition was deformed, and thousands of wonderful songs stopped to be loved, performed and listened to by modern generation. Few people know how beautiful Russian songs really are. Keeping the authentic sound and not violating the principles of traditional multi-vocal acapella performance, «Pod Oblakami» makes old Russian songs comprehensive for modern ears and shows their relevance and in the 21 century.

WHAT FOR: To return the attention and love of the Russian people to their own culture and show the depth and complexity of Russian folk music, to convince people that it is still trendy and worthy to be performed and listened to nowadays.

CONTACTS:  Lukashevich Galina: +79102892154, Petrov Dionisiy: +79160184450 (English), email: [email protected]

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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