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Press Event on Philosopher Zinoviev Open to Public on Tuesday at Russia Today News Agency, Moscow

On September 20th at 15:00 at the Great Hall of the Multimedia Press-Center of the “Rossiya Segodnya” News Agency in Moscow, the public is invited to a presentation of the first biography of Alexander Zinoviev, famous Soviet and Russian philosopher, logician, thinker, sociologist and public figure.  

The event is open to any interested persons.  Guests need to contact the organizers in advance to be put on the invite list.  See info below.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This event will bring together many very interesting Russian intellectuals and thinkers.  Highly recommended!

The Russian “Molodaya Gvardiya” publishing company runs since the 1890’s (not a typo) a very interesting series of biographies of famous and illustrious people from various epochs, nations and professions, called “Lives of Wonderful and Remarkable People” («Жизнь замечательных людей»).

<figcaption>The cover of the new biography - Alexander Zinoviev - Prometheus Rejected</figcaption>
The cover of the new biography - Alexander Zinoviev - Prometheus Rejected

To every Russian it is a brand, standing for high quality literature, consisting of thorough research and considered to be as objective as possible towards the “wonderful people” the books are about.

If there’s a book about someone in the series, then this peculiar person is really a worthy one.

The 2016 addition to the series is a biography of Alexander Zinoviev - “Alexander Zinoviev: Prometheus Rejected”.

The author, Pavel Fokin, specialist on the works of Alexander Zinoviev, has been working on this project for four years — he spent hours in archives throughout all Russia, studied numerous documents in all possible languages and, one might say, followed the footsteps of the great Russian thinker, the “Mozart of sociology”, as he is sometimes referred to.

Despite being exiled from the Soviet Union as a dissident, Zinoviev remained a committed Communist all his life. Very critical of Stalin in his early career, he came to see him in a positive light.

The result is a phenomenal 750 page biography, now available in book-stores all over Russia.

From the author:

Alexander Zinoviev’s biography is like an adventure story. Pursued by the law enforcement agency of the Soviet Union, he went to fight at the front lines in WWII.

Expelled from his motherland due to political dissent, he gained worldwide recognition and traveled all over the world. A simple Russian peasant’s son from a backwater village, he became the intellectual leader of several generations of both Russian and foreign philosophers. His “sociological novels” brought him the glory of being the 21st century's #1 writer long before it began.

Idolized and anathematized, adored and hated, some called him a genius, others — a madman.  Some gave him awards, others made attempts on his life.

It is not like an adventure story it is an adventure story.

Visitors of the Moscow International Book Fair 2016 were the first ones with the opportunity to be introduced to it on September 7th and now, it’s the turn of the wide public to learn of this very special piece of literature.

In addition to being a brilliant philosopher, Zinoviev was also wrote literature, and painted. The book cover features his paintings.

Dimitry Kiselyov, Head of the IIA “Rossiya Segodnya” and Co-chair of the “Rossiya Segodnya” Zinoviev Club, one of the few Russian think-tanks, Pavel Fokin, the author of the book, Olga Zinoviev, the widow of Alexander Zinoviev and Co-chair of the “Rossiya Segdonya” Zinoviev Club, Vladimir Lepehkin, General Director of the EurAsEC Institute and Member of the Zinoviev Club and Valentin Yurkin, the “Molodaya Gvardiya” publishing house general director will participate at the press-conference as main-speakers.

If you happen to be in Moscow, if you’re interested and if you have the time, the “Rossiya Segodnya” Zinoviev Club is glad to invite you to come to the press-conference!  The event begins at 15.00 on Tuesday, September 20th, at the main building of the Rossiya Segodnya news agency which is at Zubovsky boulevard 4, in Moscow.

Interested persons have to let Xenia Zinoviev, executive assistant of the club, know under xenia.zinoviev at hotmail dot com or +7 926 sixty-seven twenty-two 470 BEFORE 13:00 on Tuesday, September 20th.

Please note, that informing of your wish to participate and a valid passport are required for entry. If you’re from the media, a press card is also requested.  

The event is open to any interested persons.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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