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Olga Rastorguyeva Pursues Poetry Prize

Ust-Kamenogorsk native Olga Rastorguyeva (Ольга Расторгуева)  is on a quest for her first prize at the prestigious contest "Poet of the Year" organized by the Russian Writers Union. Her poems will soon be published in the 2015 Moscow  poetry almanac. 

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Over 800000 poets submitted their works to a contest by the Russian Writers Union, and, among the Debut of the Year award nomenees, Kazakhstan was proud to see Olga Rastorguyeva, a native of Ust-Kamenogorsk (Oskemen). The young writer is the first poet from East Kazakhstan to count among nomenees for the prestigious award. As recognition for her effort, she will next see her works published in the 2015 poetry almanac.  Olga still dreams to become a laureate of the contest, and she will participate in the competition next year too. Her dream, however, is to become a songwriter:

They say my poems go well with music. I believe I will hear one of my poems performed by one of the pop stars.

Participants at the competition submitted their works online, via Стихи.ру, the largest Russian literary portal. The winner of the Poet of the Year award, N.Neizvestnaya (Н.Неизвестная) lives in Domodedovo.  The first prize for debut went to Nikolai Boshintsev. Laureates receieved their prizes during a special ceremony on World Poetry Day, March 21,  held inside the  large conference hall of the Government of Moscow (former Comecon building)

year of literature logo
It is hoped that the Year of Literature will raise substantially the interest in Russian classical and contemporary literature.
<figcaption>Olga Rastorguyeva </figcaption>
Olga Rastorguyeva

2015 is the Year of Literature in Russia.

“I hope the Year of Literature will be another project which consolidates our society. I signed the decree of the Year to be held in 2015,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russia Day 2014.

To celebrate, numerous events will be held throughout the country: a budget of 3 billion rubles has been set aside to support such cultural manifestations. The organizers hope that the event will resonate beyond the borders of Russia.

“Such eternal value and world recognition of Russian literature could also help a number of Western politicians to recognize the closeness of our cultures and value of dialogue,” said State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

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