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Moscow International Film Festival Announces Selection for 2015

Russia's top international film festival will officially screen 12 films this year

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The 37th Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) will run from 19th to 26th June. 

This year's official selection consists of 12 films, three of which are Russian: Orlean (directing by Andrei Proshkin), Lovely Hans, Dear Peter (Alexander Mindadze) and Arventur (Irina Yevteyeva). 

Foreign films include those from France, Finland and Japan. Also to be screened at the festivale is The Wananbe - a new American movie directed by Nick Sandow and produced by Martin Scorsese.

Organizers of the festival have complained Russia sanctions have hurt the event, which is why they have been forced to screen fewer films this year.

Since the start of the Ukraine crisis a number of Russian film festivals have been forced to scale down due to funding constraints amid a Russian economic dowturn.

Orgnizers of Russia's largest national film festival Kinotavr have also confirmed they are facing funding problems, but that these won't prevent Kinotavr from being held this year.

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MORE: Culture

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