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As Ruble Falls, Domestic Tourism Booms - Check Out the Russian Fairy Tale Town of Suzdal (Video)

It doesn't get much more Russian than this

This article from our archives was first published on RI in February 2016

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This was on the main evening news last week.  Russians are re-discovering their own country.

Wish you were there!

Russian winter, beautiful old architecture, church bells ringing over soft central Russia open plain. Horse driven sleighs, traditional food and drink - not what you might think, medovukha, а honey based type of beer served warm in winter. This is Suzdal, a gem of the ‘Golden Ring’ chain of small old towns and cities around Moscow.

Last year, Suzdal became one of the most popular tourist destinations for Russian and foreign tourists, Sochi and St.Petersburg being among others.

The association of tourist operators says that due to a falling Ruble exchange rate, local tourist destinations saw an upsurge of visitors during the past winter holiday season.

Source: Vesti
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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